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Entering the gym is very similar to going to war. You need the mentality of an iron fighter to fight the weights. There’s no backing down on the enemy (a catabolic, bony sucker), and there’s no room for wimps. What you need is the right mindset, proper diet and rest, and the ultimate pre-workout to take or keep your body on the next level. We found the answer in WTF, a great pre-workout from Combat Nutra.

WTF is a heart-pounding, powerful, battle-ready formula designed to get boots up the ass! WTF isn’t your daily pre-workout – when you’re ready to kick your workout in the face, mix a full scoop in your favorite beverage and kill the day. There’s ZERO FALLS and extra hydration to propel you past your enemies. We felt the tingling set in and our body moving and delivering explosive energy with 333 mg of caffeine.

Sonic Boom is Combat Nutra’s unique sour taste that will pucker your lips and laser focus you! WTF is also available in the stunning Tropic Thunder flavor.

WTF: the pre-workout “Rip Your Face Off”

Questions and Answers with Combat Nutra

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: WTF was designed and inspired by and for the war fighter!

Q: Tell us about Combat Nutra.

A: Fight Nutra is veteran owned and operated by us. We develop all of their amazing formulas based on the needs of today’s military war fighters and our first responders.

Q: Why is Combat Nutra different from other military-inspired brands?

A: We know how much money a day costs our military and first responders. Why? Because we were in their shoes. Do you want to rely on companies that seek to exploit our veterans or companies that are owned and operated by veterans?

Q: What is the difference between WTF?

A: We wanted a formula that would hit hard and fast, just like the people who use it. Something you can feel, but also something that actually improves your workout. We also know how difficult it is to stay hydrated and maintain hydration during your workout and shift. That’s why we’ve developed a super-fast-acting pre-workout in which the fluid intake is also directed into your system at the cellular level.


Not your daily pre-workout

• High Stim – Explosive energy

• 333 mg of caffeine

• 3.2 grams of beta-alanine – crucial for muscle endurance

• Intercellular hydration

• Metabolism Booster

• Increase the body temperature

For more information, visit Combatnutra.net

The above statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

WTF first appeared on FitnessRX for Women.

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