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Work Out Any Time With On-Demand Exercise Lessons by SG Studios

Not ready to go back to the gym? These on-demand training courses give you a complete experience without leaving your home.

Photo: Warrior Studios / The Dodo Creations

Now that Singapore is Phase two of the reopening, Gyms and fitness studios have reopened. However, the personal training course is no longer the same as it was before. To reduce physical contact and ensure safety, these may be used in your gym and health club Precautions::

  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times when class is not taking place
  • Limited class size as per government security rules
  • Members are limited to one class per day
  • Trial lessons are interrupted
  • Previous cancellation policy
  • Fewer classes per day so they can clean the gym / studio
  • Members must be in class early to complete a SafeEntry check-in and take temperature
  • No towels or additional equipment provided
  • Limited use of facilities such as shower area, lockers and water cooler
  • Members must bring their own yoga mat to lay over the studio mats

While some of us are excited about going back to class, others may be uncomfortable due to the new guidelines. Given the intransigence of Covid-19Some may also prefer not to leave our homes unless absolutely necessary.

If you are one of those people who has settled into comfortable home workout after staying in the past few months, kudos to you. The beauty of exercise at home is because you can choose your preferred exercise type and duration, and do so at any time of the day.

While gyms and gyms have reopened, some are offering on-demand exercise classes to cater to those who prefer to exercise at home. On-demand courses may not work for everyonebut there are some clear advantages.

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What is the difference between on-demand training courses and free online videos?

First, on-demand exercise classes are usually exactly the same classes that are done in the gym. This means that you can find your favorite exercise or teacher and follow them. Free courses offered online may not be as intense or in-depth as they are intended for a mass audience with a more basic level of activity.

Second, on-demand training courses give you access to a library of training sessions so you can choose your WOD and do it at your preferred time. Live workouts require you to attend at a set time. If you are not sure, you will not be able to pause or rewind the video if you missed an exercise.

Third, on-demand training courses can be edited with subtitles and clear instructions as they are not live videos. The videos are also of higher quality than live training videos on social media streams as they can be captured with better equipment like a camera instead of a cell phone.

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Should you sign up for on-demand training courses?

An on-demand training video library gives you more control over your training schedule and gives you access to high-quality videos of the classes you are interested in. However, it is not suitable for everyone.

If you have recently started your fitness journey or are new to the type of workout you are trying, it is risky (we repeat: risky) to attempt the movements you see on screen without the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor. Newbies to exercise are better off doing personal coaching or taking physical training classes with an instructor in attendance who will be able to monitor your exercise form and offer tips and alternatives based on your fitness level.

Another sign that on-demand workouts may not be right for you: relying on a workout friend or a cancellation penalty to be held accountable. As much as we love the flexibility of on-demand training courses, it also means that you need a lot of discipline to stick to your training schedule.

Ready to Try On Demand Workouts? We have shortlisted seven gyms and yoga studios in Singapore that offer a variety of workout libraries as well as an app that is worth registering for.

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1. Singapore boom

Website: http://boomfromhome.vhx.tv/
Price: $ 75 / month
Offered workouts: HIIT, boxing, stretching

If you enjoy BoxingYou’ve definitely heard of Boom Singapore. Shortly after the breaker action was taken, Boom launched an online workout video library, Boom from Home, that many fitness junkies rave about. The library now has over 100 videos and is counting, with at least two new videos added each day.

If you’re interested in their live classes, unlimited pass holders ($ 75, limited to two classes per day) also have access to the on-demand workout video library.

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2. House athletics

Website: https://hausinteractive.vhx.tv/
Price: $ 30 / month or $ 288 / year ($ 24 / month)
Offered workouts: Cardio, circuit, HIIT

Miss yours high-energy training but not in the mood at home? Haus Athletic’s class library offers you uplifting group training. With energetic music, neon lights, and an encouraging instructor, complete the 10-30 minute workouts.

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3. BBounce X BeatX Online TV

Website: https://www.bbouncestudio.com/bbouncexbeatxonlinetv
Price: $ 19.99 / month
Offered workouts: Cardio, circuit, HIIT

young lady Hop on your rebounder during an action-packed course at BBounce or during intense circuit workouts with your friends at BeatX? Your teachers have recorded their classes so you can train with them virtually. The 45 minute courses will definitely give you a good welding session.

There are also short videos if you want a quick introduction, e.g. B. a 5-minute core workout and a 12-minute HIIT workout.

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4. Zoi Yoga

Website: https://www.zoiyoga.com/practiseonline
Price: $ 9.90 / week
Offered workouts: Yoga, HIIT

Zoi Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes when you sign up for the on-demand yoga classes. You get access to over 50 different classes including Flow, Core, Hatha, Yin Yang and HIIT. Studio owner and Shape Fit Girl 2018, Roxanne Gan (@roxannegan_) also created a 4 week yoga schedule if you want a more structured workout plan.

The weekly membership automatically renews every week, but you can cancel it at any time.

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5. Warrior Studios SG

Photo: Warrior Studios / The Dodo Creations

Website: https://www.warrior-studios.com/warrioronline
Price: Starts at $ 3.99 / video or $ 40 / month
Offered workouts: Yoga, HIIT, mobility

Warrior Studios is a fairly new gym in Singapore, but they have already gained a lot of traction due to their popular teachers like Melanie (@babymelly), Fizzy (@fizzyoga) and Maylis (@mayliscao). Whether you want to nail down your handstands, sweat it out, do a yoga flow, relax with yin yoga, or improve your mobility, they have the class for you.

They have started recording workouts since the breaker to create a video bank of on-demand classes that you can find on their website. You can subscribe to a monthly membership or rent individual training videos (valid for two days from purchase).

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6. Mushin movement

Photo: Mushin Movement

Website: https://www.mushinmovement.com/virtual-classes.html
Price: $ 10 / day or $ 28 / week
Offered workouts: Handstand, strength training, stretch

If you love trying out funky new arm balances this is the studio for you. Your classes will focus on Calisthenics workouts (Body weight exercises) that increase flexibility, improve mobility, add strength, and improve your handstand skills.

On-demand training videos are available one week after they are recorded, and a minimum of nine recorded classes are always available in the on-demand training video library.

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7. ritual

Website: https://www.ritualgym.com/
Price: $ 12.99 / month
Offered workouts: Cardio, circuit, HIIT

Busy with work or do you have a busy schedule? Ritual offers 20-minute HIIT classes so you don’t have any excuses. You started it Ritual Anywhere App This adapts a daily workout to your fitness profile and access to equipment. Each exercise includes a video demonstration, instructions, form tips, and variations.

Fans of the app love the handy built-in timer and a trainer’s voice-over to motivate you through the workout.

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8. TFX Fitness

On-demand training courses

Photo: TFX Fitness

Website: www.facebook.com/tfx.sg
Price: Free
Offered workouts: Cardio, core, HIIT, dance, yoga and more

Over the months, TFX Fitness has expanded its selection of on-demand training videos to over 100 as part of its Workout Wherever initiative. These videos with TFX instructors range from gentle yoga to street jazz to barre fitness and can be found on TFX’s Facebook and Instagram pages (@ tfx.fitness).

PS: If you’re feeling drained in rounds and rounds of virtual classes and craving personal interaction and motivation, check out TFX gyms – all of them are SG Clean certified and have safety measures in place to make sure you are safe comfortable training room. Members also get access to live Zoom classes, which include Les Mills programs, dance, yoga, HIIT, and small group training. Visit www.tfx.sg for more information on gym memberships and courses.

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