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Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is a Nice Exercise

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great workout

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is a Great Workout: Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The problem is that exercise is difficult, so it is easy to find reasons not to do it. This is not a good thing because we all know that our bodies benefit from the strength and agility we get from exercising.

What is the solution?

Finding a way to exercise is actually fun. An exercise that is fun is more likely to get you up and motivate you to do it. Stand up paddleboarding is a great solution to this problem.

Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP for short, is a low impact activity that almost any woman can do, and there are paddleboards for women that are lighter and more user-friendly than a standard SUP.

Complete body training

You use almost every muscle you have at one point or another while on a SUP. It’s not uncommon to experience pain in your toes and feet after a paddling session. This is especially true as you get started and become more concerned about falling into the water.

As you get more experienced, the tiredness in your toes and feet subsides, but you still exercise there because your feet are holding you tight and keeping you on the board.

By balancing, you are using every muscle you have. Your legs are continuously working and adjusting to stabilize your hips and the lower torso, which is your center of gravity.

Your neck, shoulders, and upper back muscles work in conjunction with your arms not only for stabilization, but also to pull you forward through the water.

Your stomach and loads of other little stabilizer muscles that you didn’t know you had are shooting out almost all of the time, making small adjustments to keep you on the board.

Fun cardio

Unlike a boring piece of equipment in a gym like a stationary bike, SUP is fun and a good workout. With SUP you can easily set the desired cardio output.

Do you want to burn more calories? Paddle harder and longer.

Do you just want to enjoy your time on the water? Then just drive around and do more coasting and less paddling.

However, you need to be aware of the conditions. In general, when it’s a windy day you have to work harder. For exercise, a windy day on the water is great because you have to work harder and the wind cools you down.

However, if you’re not prepared for a windy day, you may end up exercising more than you originally planned.

Excellent for rehabilitation after injuries or if you are new to sports

Because of the low impact of the sport, SUP is a great way to get some exercise when you’ve got injured. Most of the time you only stand on one SUP. So if you’re healthy enough to stand, you’re usually healthy enough to SUP.

Obviously, standup paddleboarding isn’t a good idea when you’re breaking up from shoulder surgery or a broken arm, as you need to move your torso to paddle and maintain balance.

The point is, there can be a lot of injuries that won’t stop you from getting off a paddleboard.

For the same reason, SUP is a great exercise for women who have not exercised or who only start exercising again after a long absence.

Since SUP is fun and you can decrease the intensity of the workout, it is very inviting for beginners.

Many women want to get back in shape but have no desire to run two miles on a hot summer day. But when you’re going out or spending an hour or two on a stand up paddleboard, it’s a lot easier to sell yourself. It’s just not as intimidating as a run.

How many calories can you burn on a SUP?

According to the Captain Calculator website, you can burn up to 450 calories an hour on a standup paddleboard.


There are many assumptions in this number. It’s best to take it as an estimate.

Assuming you weigh 150 pounds and have intermediate to advanced paddling skills, you can comfortably balance and paddle your SUP.

If you are not very skilled you know what? You will likely burn more calories.

Why? Because you fight and that costs more energy. If you don’t qualify, you are likely to fall off and climb back on more, which takes more energy.

Again, the skill level for this metric is important. If you are skillful enough to surf waves on your SUP, it will require a lot more energy and burn a lot more calories.

If you are comfortable enough on your paddleboard to take a yoga SUP class, you will burn a ton of calories.

There really isn’t an exact measure of how many calories you can burn per hour on a SUP. The main idea to remember is that you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout up or down.

Evaporate stress

There are many benefits to good workout and it’s not just limited to building muscle and strength. Another benefit of exercise is stress relief. When you’re out on the water on a paddleboard, you’re detached from modern day distractions.

You cannot take your phone with you as it may fall into water. Without looking at a screen is a healthy thing. It’s just you, your board, and your paddle.

There is a kind of magic in the simplicity of being in the sun on the water and focusing on pulling yourself through the water while being careful not to fall in. It’s just a pleasant experience that reduces stress and recharges the batteries.

Exercise in a beautiful landscape

Another of the many advantages SUP workout has over a boring gym workout is the landscape. You can paddle on most of the waters. This means that you can get an exercise is amazing places. Most people think of SUPing on the ocean on the beach, and that’s a great place to paddle, but there are tons of other great places to go.

You can SUPEN at many vacation spots, from mountain lakes to gentle rivers that flow through the desert canyons, to canals and quiet bays.

How often do you want to train on vacation? Hardly ever. But when you can paddle on a SUP while enjoying epic scenery, it’s a lot easier and fun to get around.


Most women want to get healthy and exercise, and there are many reasons that prevent us from doing so. Stand up paddleboarding is a great alternative as it allows you to exercise and have fun when you normally don’t feel like doing it.

If you haven’t tried SUP yet, get out there and give it a try. You will find that it is not that difficult and you will have a lot of fun.

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Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great workout

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