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Why Self-discipline Is the Key to Outcomes

What is discipline I love the first definition I found on the internet: discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or codes of conduct, and using punishment to correct disobedience. PUNISHMENT! My male child mind goes to a picture of me reaching for a delicious cupcake with a shock collar. Honestly, I wish I had a bit of a shock sometimes as I walked past the pantry and thought about the snack cakes my pregnant friend kept there. I’ve said this before, “You won’t eat it if it’s not in the house.” 100 percent true, but if for a second you think I’m cutting off snacks from an expectant mom, think again. So we adapt and work harder on our personal discipline.

There are so many different forms of discipline in life and many ways that discipline can intervene in your daily practice to help you live better. If I stay disciplined about my diet, my overall health and physique are in top shape. I promise a balanced diet is key. Often times I’ve fallen off my well-done diet and gained double-digit pounds. On the other hand, I’ve often made this flab fit. I know what it takes – discipline.

The discipline I first talked about with the cupcake reference is called the corrective discipline, not something I want to raise a child on. In life, preventive discipline is a great practice to work on. If you are a school teacher this is done in a different way with the students. Educators will try to prevent wrongdoing by keeping students occupied. By preventive discipline, I simply mean that you embark on a routine plan in which discipline can be exercised and we can prevent failure.

The hardest thing about discipline for me is staying motivated. For customers and for me, the motivation lies in the results. When you see your body transform for the better, you will be motivated to keep going. The cookie dough doesn’t look that good if you remember the work you did. Sorry, that last sentence was a lie; Cookie ice cream always looks good.

Set goals and have a deadline

One of the most effective factors in keeping myself in the gym is having goals and setting workout routines for them. You can get yours from a personal trainer, the internet, or a friend. The most important point is that you have an end date in mind that you want to quit the program by and that you have a clear idea of ​​what exercises to do each day at the gym. There is also a nutritional guide. The real student plays a role in personalized nutrition. That way, going to the gym has a purpose. This is better than feeling like the gym is a chore that you simply have to do forever without a point. Make sure you always have a goal with an end date.

Write down your goals and look at them

Your pursuit of self-discipline must be proactive and positive. Let’s not just talk. Support your conversation with actions. Write down your goals and imagine them. When you see them on paper you will be held accountable for your actions. Too many people rely on others to get things done. Learn to rely on yourself. At one point in my life I had a future board on my office wall. It’s a big piece of paper with goals and dreams. There were pictures on it so I could imagine and see my goals come to life over the years. I still don’t have a Lambo, but I can’t imagine weighing myself down on the luck I have today.

Learn to make sacrifices

Learn to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals. You will have to pay a price. That prize can be as easy as skipping a snack or as difficult as missing out on a get-together with friends and family. A little forbearance can lead to major slips. For me, a little forbearance led to my gaining 20 pounds of pure fat during the COVID pandemic. I let go of my discipline. It just takes a few undisciplined moments to turn down. Instead of feeling like these sacrifices are causing you to miss things, see them as gains. Gain towards your inner strengths, gain towards your ability to distance yourself from the weak. Every sacrifice is a victory for your self-discipline. Stay disciplined and get shredded and help others.

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