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As a coach, do you ever get frustrated when your clients pay you for a result and talk to you about how badly they want that result, and yet they don’t follow what you ask them to do?

They pay you the money, they get strategies, they say they want this thing, they want to make a change in their life, and they want a certain result … but the moment they’re not with you, they sweep away they back their old habits. They don’t really follow the coaching, course, programs, strategies that you give them.

As a new coach or strategic coach, it can be very frustrating when you have clients who don’t get their way.

Have you ever seen this

It can be very frustrating. And you can almost pull your hair out feeling like you want some kind of helicopter parent for them to work through the results.

Yes, your customer is responsible for their results. However, if he doesn’t follow the strategies you teach him, he won’t get the results. And then they will likely accuse you of not training them better, of not helping them get those results.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Or can you

Sometimes you feel guilty for giving them the strategies, but when they don’t push through you feel terrible because you don’t want to take money and give them the results.

When that happens, you may consciously want to achieve this result but unconsciously resist. It’s like trying to accelerate with the handbrake on.

What we as trainers have to do is first to discover that they have an unconscious resistance, some kind of internal handbrake that is holding them back, and then to be able to help the client find out. Because they often don’t know why they can’t get through. They are just as frustrated with themselves as you are.

As a coach, a supercoach who not only knows the strategies to get the results but also has knowledge of the mindset and working in the inner world, you can ask some specific questions to find out what is causing the handbrake attract what they are afraid of when they get the result that leads to some sort of resignation.

They consciously want it, but there is something inside that is holding them back.

As a super coach, we have the opportunity to improve our skills, sharpen our awareness and coach our customers through these inner world blocks.

Some trainers say clients are simply not coachable. They say, “Oh, I have an un-trainable client. Yeah, get rid of it, get a new one. “

But a super coach knows that there are no unconscious customers, there is only unconscious resistance. There is unconscious resistance in this client.

If they want this result and they put the handbrake on internally and don’t even know why, then it is your job as the trainer to help them figure out what’s going on and shift that resistance.

And these are exactly some of the skills I will teach you in the SuperCoach Academy course.

If you want to find out more, and in more detail, why clients don’t get their way and why some clients don’t feel coachable, join the SuperCoach Society right away. I’m about to do an impromptu little master class on why customers don’t get through and how to actually expose what that handbrake is and help your customer see that too.

Jump into the SuperCoach Society. Here we combine the deep mindset of the inner world and the emotional work that helps them actually implement the strategies that they use to get the results.

If you want to be a Supercoach and improve your coaching skills to deal with every client then join me at SuperCoach Society.

Bye for now.

Kylie x

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