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Why Do Individuals Use Butt Plugs? Your Information to Anal Plugs

Butt plugs. The mere mention of them can cause you to clench your cheeks, blush (your other cheeks), or break out in a giggle. You can also raise your eyebrows in intrigue with a tongue in the cheek. Or all of the above.

If you are interested in the world of anal plugs, this is it!

“What are you? Are you sure? What’s the right type for me? Will it get stuck? How do I get it in?”

These are all normal questions in the world of anal plugs. We are here to answer them and help you on your way to the butt plug.

What are anal plugs?

Anything that gets into your rectum can potentially be lost there – which is a medical emergency. So you don’t want to hold some old thing up there. Why would you ?!

Butt plugs are cleverly designed with torch bottoms or other mechanisms to keep them from going in too far.

Why do people use butt plugs?

These are a simple guess. For many people, butt plugs feel AMAZING! This applies to people with a vagina and penis. Regardless of your reproductive anatomy, anyone can enjoy anal pleasure.

For men and people with penises, anal plugs help stimulate the prostate. A small gland between the bladder and penis that can be immense pleasure when stimulated. Women and people with vaginas can also enjoy stimulating the anal nerves while stimulating the internal structures of the vagina clitoris.

Butt plugs can be used to warm up along the way Anal sexIn connection with penetrative sex, clitoral stimulation and masturbation alone, there are many options here. Just use your imagination!

Using anal plugs can narrow the vagina, which can mean increased stimulation for both partners.

While it is perfectly possible to have anal orgasms on your own, there is also a world full of intensity mixed orgasmsIt does this by stimulating more than one erogenous zone at the same time.

Still convinced?

Your best butt buddy

Here’s the thing, of all the sex toys out there, butt plugs are incredibly cute and have the potential to reflect your personality.

Some of them have pretty jewels on the end, tails, tassels, cartoons, and all kinds of colorful cuteness representations to enhance your sex toy game.

Regardless of your style aesthetic, there is an anal plug for you.

So many possibilities!

In addition to the style, there are anal plugs made of different materials and in a few sizes.

You should start small first to get involved with it. Some companies sell sets of different sized plugs that you can work your way up with. Not that you have to, you can absolutely stick to the smallest size for the rest of your butt pleasure.

Of course, when choosing your new butt buddy, you have to opt for body-safe materials like ceramic, glass, metal or silicone.

You can even find vibrating plugs that can be intense but also lead to earth-shaking orgasms by stimulating the environment.

On the business

Okay, you bought your new butt plug, or maybe it has been in your closet for a year and you still need to bring it out to play with.

In any case, now is the time.


First things first, foreplay. You want to be switched on, present in your body and relaxed – that is the key word. It is important that you can voluntarily relax and contract your rectal muscles. Especially when you consider that the most natural response when someone approaches your sphincter is to squeeze it.

Smear it on

You will definitely want 100% Use lubricant. Be sure to choose a strain that is compatible with both your anus and the toy you are using. Don’t be afraid to be extra generous when lubricating! Apply it to both your toys and your bum.

Slow down

Fingers are a great way to help relieve the feeling. When you are ready, gradually begin to insert the plug. Take your time. This is not a process that you want to speed up. If it is difficult at first, you can put it in, take it out, relubricate and try again. You may even have to do this several times before putting it there.

Know the difference between pain and pleasure. If it hurts, stop. You may need to slow down, try a smaller size, use more lubricant, switch from a different angle, or wait for another day.

When you’re done

When you’re ready to take it out, you can lubricate the area again, grip the base firmly, relax, and gently take it out.

This is particularly important: wash your butt plug afterwards with warm water and soap! Don’t let it get near your vagina or mouth as the fecal particles on it can lead to a nasty infection.

You may be a little sore the next day, this is normal. However, if you are in pain, next time you should try a different strategy or size to avoid possible injury.

Welcome to Club Butt Plug. Have fun!

Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at the age of fourteen when she was present at the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birthing doula gave her insights into the magical realm of childbirth, pregnancy and everything in between. Your role as an obstetrician is her way of serving as an activist. She uses writing as an important educational tool to bring about changes in our view of reproductive health as a whole.

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