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What’s Extra Necessary, Stamina Or Dimension?

Which is more important, endurance or size?

Which is more important, endurance or size? When you’re at an amusement park, do you enjoy the ride that is longer or the ride that has the greater thrill? The same question could be applied to the bedroom.

What gives you a stronger orgasm, the duration of the sensation or the size of the equipment? There are certainly drugs, creams, and other methods that can help you last longer during sex if you are trying to last longer during intercourse or if you are trying to increase your size and stiffness in the same way but at the end of the day. It’s about keeping your sugar mom happy.


A Sugar Mummy, much like a Sugar Daddy, is an older woman who showered a younger man with money and gifts in return for companionship and even great sex. Sugar mums support their sugar babies and in return enjoy an amazing sex life with their young stallion.

It may be that longer sex is what mom is looking for. If your sugar mommy wants a longer lasting orgasm, there are definitely techniques to consider next time in bed. One technique known as edging is to temporarily stop sexual stimulation when you are about to ejaculate. Once that sensation is over, you can get back into action. This lengthens the climax and lengthens the time for sexual activity.

Sugar babies can also try the Masters & Johnson squeeze technique, which involves gently squeezing the end of the penis until the sensation of oncoming ejaculation subsides, essentially making sure your Sugar Mom gets to the finish line before you do.

Prolonged sex also means the opportunity to try something different. Try out new positions so you can find something that you and your Sugar Mummy really enjoy. With new positions, you could even try bringing a few toys like a penis ring or vibrator into the bedroom. This devotes more time to foreplay and makes the engines spin for more sex when it’s time for the main event.


We’ve always heard that size matters in the bedroom. The truth is that it is actually possible depending on your partner. If your Sugar Mommy has frequent orgasms (especially good work), she may climax more easily when you have a bigger package. Research has found that a woman’s orgasm during sex is more likely to be associated with a longer penis for a larger orgasm in the vagina. This shows that while size is the most comfortable on the physical eye, it also depends on the structure of your sugar mommy’s vagina when it comes to better sex.

SIZE vs STAMINA! What is more important?

Which is more important, endurance or size?

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