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What to do With Your Interval Blood? It is Not Only for The Bathroom

We all have our own unique relationships with our periods. Periods can be painful, messy, fun, confusing. The list of feelings people have about their periods really is endless.

Using a menstrual cup gives you the special opportunity to interact with your blood in ways that other products from the period cannot. With a cup, you can see how much blood is leaking out of you, what consistency it is and what color it is.

What a cool look inside your body! Hot Tip – Monitoring the consistency of your blood can give you helpful insights Your overall health.

Usually your course of action when it comes to it Clean your menstrual cup, begins by dumping your menstruation in the toilet.

Not so fast!

When you’re ready, we’ve got a little moon magic challenge for you … keep the blood! Not forever, of course, but your precious blood that your body is working so hard on can be used for a variety of projects.

Don’t click away just yet unless you’re blood tired – we get it. But if you’re into a game, try this list of helpful things to do with your menstrual blood. Before you flush it down the drain!

Garden growth

Treat your plant babies properly by giving them a healthy dose of one of the best fertilizers this earth has to offer.

Your menstruation is full of wonderful ingredients like iron, calcium, phosphate, protein and a lot more! The most important of these ingredients that help produce healthy, happy plants are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

To do it yourself, when it is your time of the month, take your full cup and mix one part blood to nine parts water. In a watering can or a glass, which of course you don’t mind having your blood in. You can take it from here – water and bless these plant babies!

You don’t want to overdo this powerful herbal medicine. Even if you live with other people who are menstruating, it really only needs to be done once a month or so.

Straight off your body and back to the floor. That is the cycle of life.

Arty party

Do you know this beautiful deep red color? Use this incredible pigment to keep your artistic juices flowing. While we’re not sure how good it is to use period blood on art projects, practicing it is sure to make you feel empowered and inspired.

What kind of projects do you say

You can use a stretched canvas or heavy-duty multi-media paper as a base. Set aside special brushes that can be your intended period brushes. Do what you do to remove your mug and have it on your blank chalkboard!

The blood can be used alone. You can try mixing it with different acrylic media or lighter colors to see how that changes the consistency. You can even try a marbling project by filling a baking pan with water and dripping your blood into it. Then, dip your canvas face down in the water and observe the vortex effects.

If you really want it, you don’t need a canvas to do your art, you can try body painting! Give it a try and see what magic you can do.

Fresh facial

Speaking of body painting, one trend you might have seen on the internet is facial treatments.

In theory, the same properties that so nourish your plants can have similar effects when applied to your skin.

When ready, you can do a quick peel followed by facial steam, then gently smear your blood on your face and leave for ten to twenty minutes.

Make sure you rinse it off thoroughly and then use your favorite moisturizer afterwards. Voila!

Disclaimer, there are no scientific studies to support this. Do this at your own risk. If you like an STI or STD Herpes Simplex Virusthere may be an easy way to transfer this to your face. While the chances of this seem incredibly slim, this is something you should consider!

Smear it on

We all have our own feelings and approaches Period sex. Once you and your partner are comfortable with it, you can try using your blood as a powerful home-made lubricant.

While this is something you are already doing, you can try to make it more intentional by advising you to use your blood in new and novel ways.

As people with female bodies, we are so often told that we should be ashamed of our bodies and periods. Using your blood intentionally during sex without fear of getting messy is an incredible way to regain your strength and honor your body. This can of course be done with a partner or during solo sex.

Instead of washing off right away, you can take the time to observe the beauty of your painted bodies from the river that flows out of your womb.

Happy perioding!

Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at the age of fourteen when she was present at the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birthing doula gave her insights into the magical realm of childbirth, pregnancy and everything in between. Your role as an obstetrician is her way of serving as an activist. She uses writing as an important educational tool to bring about changes in our view of reproductive health as a whole.

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