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Well being Points You Face When You Keep In AC For A Lengthy Time

Health problems that you face while staying in the air conditioner for a long time

Health Issues You Face When Staying In Air Conditioner For Long Periods: Staying indoors in humid weather means using air conditioning. But do you know that there are risks in air-conditioned rooms? AC can actually cause a number of diseases.

According to experts, here are some types of diseases that can affect those who stay in air-conditioned rooms for too long. More information is available at http://flawlessmania.com/.

  1. Dry eyes

    I myself have always thought that using the cell phone for hours causes dryness in the eyes and reduces its use, but even then there is not much of a difference. I later understood that it was because of the long hours in the air conditioning. In a busy world, we are only used to staying in the air conditioner even when the weather outside is normal. However, since the long office hours in AC cannot be avoided, at least make yourself comfortable in your house in normal weather. Avoid air conditioning in your home as much as possible unless the weather is unsupportive.

  2. Lung disease

    Prolonged use of ACs can cause lung disease. These air conditioners can suddenly change temperature, which can interrupt breathing and breathing. Air conditioning can exacerbate conditions in those with asthma or sensitivities. Improper maintenance and unclean ACs trigger asthma attacks and hypersensitivity. So make sure you clean it or give it to the standard service center.

  3. Dry skin

    Dry skin is a common consequence of staying in the air conditioner for too long. Remember that exposure to cold or hot weather for too long will make the skin dry and cause skin problems. This reduces the moisture content of the skin. Use moisturizing lotions with shea butter as the main ingredient instead of the creams to enrich the skin where you find it necessary. Lotions are water based and develop moisture in the skin. Creams can be used after lotions have been applied – as creams are oil based and help lock in moisture.

  4. Dehydration

    The dehydration rate in air-conditioned rooms is comparatively high than in normal rooms. If the air conditioner picks up too much moisture from the room, you end up feeling dehydrated. Dehydration can make you feel lethargic. Don’t wait to get thirsty and drink water on a regular basis even when you are not thirsty – when you are in the AC room. Set reminders if necessary. Constantly sipping water supplies the skin with sufficient moisture. However, be careful not to drink water for at least half an hour before and after eating. This inhibits the digestive process

  5. a headache

    The habit of not drinking water because the weather is cold should be broken as dehydration causes migraines and headaches. Dehydration is a trigger for migraines that is often overlooked. If you suddenly step out of the air conditioner and feel the heat outside, chances are that you could develop a headache. Also understand that the improperly maintained and unclean AC rooms make you more prone to migraines and headaches. So clean your surroundings and stay safe.


Fresh air and sunlight shower numerous benefits to a person’s wellbeing. In contrast to the air-conditioned rooms, fresh air cleans the lungs and improves the oxygen content in the blood. Fresh air allows you to have a calm mind and thus helps reduce anxiety. Natural air helps in lowering blood pressure. When you feel stressed, tired, or sluggish, step out for a while to feel the goodness of the natural air. Finally, drink plenty of water and experience the fresh air of nature for at least some time every day.

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Health problems you face when staying in the air conditioner for a long time

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