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Weekly Hyperlink Love — Version 109

Research of the week

Skipping meat can increase your risk of broken bones.

Hyperinsulinemia and cancer go hand in hand.

Emotions cannot be perfectly translated between languages ​​and cultures.

Giving niacin to COVID patients increases recovery.

Not much of a difference in metabolic markers between pork and chicken eaters.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 457: Keltie Knight: Presenter Elle Russ greets Keltie Knight, an Emmy Award-winning television personality.

Primal Health Coach Radio Episode 86: Laura and Erin chat with Riley Rees, founder of Sofia Health, an online service that helps clients find health coaches.

Media, Schmedia

Don’t let bureaucrats tell you what to do. What happens between your car and a moose is entirely up to you.

“A desperate nation needs puppies.” Indeed.

Interesting blog posts

What Razib Khan is grateful to know about history and genetics.

The importance of vitamin D for T-cell function.

Social notes

One of the strangest I’ve ever seen and heard.

I would swim here.

Everything else

Ketosis can help fight COVID.

Things that I plan to do and that I am interested in

One of the most important films of our time: Holy Cow, all about regenerative agriculture and the potential power of animal products to save our health and our planet, and to watch for free until December 6th

Open letter I found interesting: The letter Dave Feldman addressed to the editor of the Journal of Clinical Lipidology.

Open your eyes podcast: Frederic Leroy on the effects of The Great Reset.

That was funny: money increases happiness, psychotherapy doesn’t.

That surprised me: the MMR vaccine can protect against COVID.

Question i ask

Why are there huge networks of prehistoric underground tunnels across Europe? Just the craziest answers.

Recipe corner

  • Nigerian beef suya.
  • Huevos Ahogados, or drowned eggs. Similar to Shakshuka.

Time capsule

A year ago (November 21 – November 27)

  • Late for Healthy Living Game? 10 Essential Tips For Moving To Better Health – It’s Never Too Late.
  • 6 Mind-Body Approaches to Menopause – Mind is Matter.

Comment of the week

“My wish for everyone is to enjoy time together, however many there are, and also to enjoy what you want to partake in. As someone who was just diagnosed with this virus and who has lost their senses of taste and smell and who I don’t know if they will ever return, count the blessings you have from everything you eat. “

Well, said Terry. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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