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Webinar: “Wholesome Being pregnant, Wholesome Mother: Decreasing Obstacles to Therapy for Opioid Use Dysfunction”

The opioid epidemic in the United States continues to undermine the health of women and their families. Pregnant women and new mothers with an opioid use disorder face unique challenges. And they are often afraid of seeking help, which keeps them from both self-treatment and prenatal care.

Our goal at HealthyWomen is to break the stigma of this issue and break down the barriers that women face in secrecy and fear. “As a registered nurse currently practicing maternal and fetal medicine, I know firsthand the importance of people being treated for conditions like opioid use disorder (OUD) and how bad it looks for both mothers and newborns, when that treatment isn’t done, “says Beth Battaglino, RN, CEO, Healthy Women.

We want pregnant women and mothers with an opioid use disorder to know that treatment options are available, and we want healthcare providers to recognize that there are significant barriers to accessing this treatment. Hear from leading experts in this free webinar.

  • Greg McNeil, Founder, Cover 2 Resources
  • Beth Battaglino, RN-C, CEO, HealthyWomen
  • Shruti Kulkarni, Esq., Counsel, Aimed Alliance
  • Mishka Terplan, MD, MPH, FACOG, DFASAM, gynecology and addiction medicine
  • Nancy Wolf, CEO, Libertae, Inc.

Watch the webinar now.

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