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Vida Lifescience Vitamin C – Oxygen Journal

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Price: $ 44.99


Oxygen Magazine Review

A strong immune system is essential in the winter months. That’s why I decided to try this Vitamin C from Vida Lifescience. The product comes in a pack of 32 – basically a month’s delivery – and each pack contains 3000 milligrams of “mega-liposomal” vitamin C. A liposome acts as a transport system in your body to efficiently deliver nutrients to your cells. and Aurora’s research shows that the presence of liposomes in their product means their vitamin C supplement will be better absorbed than others.

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Although the label says you can drink the liquid straight from the package, I don’t recommend this option – the taste is overwhelming and leaves a bad aftertaste. It’s much better mixed with water and tastes remarkably like tang – the astronauts’ favorite drink at the time.

My cells weren’t available for comment on whether or not they absorbed all or part of the C, but the product was fairly easy to drink with cold water (not so much room temperature) and it didn’t upset my stomach despite the presence of xanthan gum. It’s more expensive than most vitamin C supplements, however – $ 45 per pack – so take this into account when budgeting your winter vitamin regime.

– –Lara McGlashan, Editor-in-chief

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Andrea Chapin

“Our bodies don’t make vitamin C, so we have to get it through our diet! As a nutritionist, I always advertise food first; the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C (65-120 mg) can easily be achieved through a healthy diet – 100% of ours.” Daily needs can be met by either half a cup of red pepper, two kiwi fruit, a cup of broccoli, a cup of strawberries, or a large orange for the duration of a cold in adults, but taking vitamin C after the onset of cold symptoms is not the same Effect. Our body absorbs most of the vitamin C, which we consume up to ~ 180 mg / day. In doses over 1,000, the intake drops to half mg / day and the rest is excreted in the urine! The liposomal vitamin C -Technology in Vida Lifescience Vitamin C encapsulates vitamin C for more effective delivery. The supplement package is convenient, easy to open and consume, and tastes great like a cremesicle ingredients ar e simple. I usually avoid stevia because I don’t like the aftertaste, but this one didn’t have one! “

– –Andrea Chapin, MS, RD, CSSD

Becca Bowen

“I firmly believe that I take a vitamin C supplement daily to boost my immune system. I was not surprised how amazing the Vida Lifescience Vitamin C packages were given the company’s excellent reputation. What I loved most about the product love that i’m always on the go and this was perfect for me to put in my travel bag. no liquids required to mix and i could just shake it and consume it straight from the pack. the taste is good by comparison too to other similar products on the market. I have found that my overall health has improved since adding this supplement to my daily routine. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient high concentration of vitamin C. “

– –Rebecca Bowen

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