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Turning into a Affluent Healer –


Do you consider yourself the idea of ​​a wounded healer?

Are you powerful in your transformation skills?

Do you have NLP training, Reiki, spiral, crystal healing, intuitive skills, knowledge of gene keys or human design, or any of the methods or modalities that work with the inner transformation world?

I found that there is a really strong archetype in terms of financial disempowerment for people who work in the inner world, the wounded healer, the starving artist. Creatives and people who work in their inner emotional world or who help others in their inner emotional world are, with a few exceptions, quite financially disempowered.

Why is that?

Well, there are a number of reasons why this happens, but mostly because the skills that make you so great at creativity, that make you so empathetic in making transformational changes for others and changes in the inner world for others, exactly the opposite of skills are that you have to create business success in order to create linear, process-driven, strategic, emotionless business success, which is what it takes.

Logical, strategic types of actions, unemotional actions that are taken consistently day in and day out, whether you feel like doing it or not, they are the types of things that create predictable financial success.

And that’s not the kind of thing people have in their emotional sense, who are deeply intuitive, who are deeply feeling. This is not the kind of natural talent for people who have these natural abilities.

I found in my Supercoach code that we have these stretch and soul skills. The soul faculties are the things that you are naturally talented at, that you have a natural aptitude for, that are easy for you, and that are so easy for you to do. You don’t even appreciate them as much as you could because they come so easily.

And then there are the opposite skills, the stretching skills, the things that you need to learn or discover or follow the systems of others so that you can appreciate and round off your self-esteem.

Without that, without getting into those stretching skills and mastering your stretching skills so you can sell, market, and deliver in a way that serves you as much as your customers, you are easily trapped in being a wounded healer and you will end up trying to sell your modality because you do not fully own and appreciate the power of your inner work, your inner transformative power.

You will end up broke and fight or undercutting or not selling at all, or giving away or downloading your stuff for free, getting weird when you sell, weird when you show up online, and feeling like a scammer. Because how can you offer transformation to someone else if you can’t even transform yourself?

I discovered and integrated my own healing journey for this wounded healer archetype. I had it like more than anyone. On my own journey to discover, transform, and learn the stretching skills required to heal this archetype, I discovered that the healer has the ability to heal himself.

As Jesus says in the Bible, “Healer heal yourself.”

At the same time, it is sometimes difficult to heal yourself if you don’t know where to look when your wound is in your blind spot. And you may know when you can see the results in the outside world, that you don’t have enough money, that you don’t have enough customers, that your visibility and your results and your recognition are not proportionate to the skills and inner wealth that you have You have in you.

When you feel like, “Oh my god, why is someone else getting all the attention? And why are they all getting clients when I could run rings around them? I have more expertise than that. ”And I get angry and frustrated with your lack of business results. Then my friend I would like to share with you the Supercoach Code and Supercoach Credo to unlock your own Supercoach skills.

This supercoach archetype is one that came over for me. Someone who can work and walk in the inner world and help people with their emotional and creative selves, their healing trauma and things like that. And that knows and can assist people with the practical, systemic, and tactical things they can use to get results in the real world.

So that you can get concrete word outcomes with your clients, not only will you feel better, but you will make more money, lose weight, improve your marriage, and improve your relationship with your children. Tangible results that you can see, feel, taste, touch and experience in your three-dimensional world.

Yes, of course, it’s a result of feeling better, but that’s not enough to create a strong marketing message. It’s not enough to grab people’s attention and really get them to work with you.

You need to be able to take the next step to bring that good feeling, healed trauma, new insight, or learning back into the real world and help your clients take the action they are taking need to get the results in the real world, to bring this elixir home and make the change they need to make in the real world.

And if you can, if you can not only master this transition from the inner healing work, but bring that inner growth and transformation back into the real world, then, my friend, you have a result that you can market and that then moved and created a bridge so you can make a claim to really get the real world result that you are offering someone so that you can get new customers.

Because customers not only want to feel better, they want real results too. They want to make more money, they want to have more sex, they want to look hotter, they want to have a better marriage, they want to stop fighting their children. Real world results.

This is the reason why business and fitness coaches on average outperform healers, intuitives, NLPers and spiral practitioners quickly and significantly, because people who have these skills of the inner world but cannot translate them into the value of the real world, Struggling to provide a tangible result for someone that people can grasp and invest in.

You need to have a concrete value in the real world that your customers can capture, touch, feel, taste.

If you want to learn how to do this for yourself, so that you can use all of those creative intuitive magical transformation skills of the inner world, your wealth in the inner world, and translate them into the clients you work with, that you get real results get, cash your bank, have consistent customers, be able to connect and chat with people and send them a quote, or call them on the phone and have a conversation that will help them get there They concluded that you can help them. Of course only if you can. Let’s be ethical here.

But so many people who fall into this wounded healer archetype have so much to offer – and the world needs our help right now. The world needs our help. The world needs healers to stand up. The world needs healers to rise and master this final journey where they bring their skills, their transformation, their demon fight, their light grid work and intuitive magical change practices back into the real world.

Even with COVID, even with the pandemic, there are people who can spend money, there are people who need help.

On the heels of this pandemic is a mental health crisis. It’s already happening. There’s an increase in domestic violence, there is an increase in depression, there is an increase in suicide. So there are problems in the world that need to be healed.

And to be the kind of healer who can really make a lasting difference for others, we need to heal ourselves and learn those stretching skills so that we can stand powerfully in the value we offer and ask for a fair exchange on it You can give someone a real result and have them served you in return for your soul gift and soul work.

If you want to learn how to do this and discover the new, more powerful skills with which you can take people on this hero’s journey, this journey of transformation that will lead them out of the problem state in which they find themselves through their transformation within World, and go back to the real world again if you want to learn how to do this, and are in my support and fierce compassion, holding your feet to the fire to rise to the mighty healer of whom They Know You Can. If you want that support, join the SuperCoach Society.

It’s a free Facebook group. I have some really powerful training sessions on Wounded Healers, Death of the Wounded Healer, and the glowing lead code for trainers that you can immediately immerse yourself in and learn from. Amazing free training that is of great value. I’ll drop more if it comes through and I have supercoach initiation too if you want.

Yes, I want more, I want this. Then hop on the SuperCoach Society and let’s have a chat about how I can help you bring your magical transformation gifts into the world in a way that serves you as much as yours Customers.

Accompany me. Let us do this. Let’s make a difference.

Kylie x

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