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Triggering purchasers just isn’t mandatory for therapeutic –

I see something in the emotional healing space that is important to talk about. I’ve seen this a few times with different people, so I’m bringing it up as a general reflection.

If you are helping a customer to face parts of his unconscious that are disturbing or difficult to see for him, it is important to create a lot of security in the room with preframing so that your customer understands that it is not about his behavior or unconscious Pattern then it is more open to change them without being triggered and shut down….

You can tell pictures in advance to set up unconscious satiety pillows for your customers so that they have more resources for their challenges.

Here are a few things I would like to introduce as soon as I know we are entering an area where new and potentially ego-challenging ideas are being revealed …

“We all have challenges and blind spots.

When you do a behavior like XX that you know you wouldn’t consciously choose but you do anyway, then a part of your unconscious that you are not aware of (some call this shadow) is leading that behavior .

We all have shadow behavior. It’s not that they’re bad or anything, they’re just in our blind spots.

They are usually the result of previous programming or decisions that we are no longer aware of.

In order to…

As we work together, we embark on a journey to discover those places in your head where you may have old outdated programs that lead to behaviors that you would like to let go of.

Sometimes when we find this old programming it is not always easy to see.

It is important to remember that you are not your behavior.

You are not your belief

You are not your past

You are so much more than anything.

I am here to help you overcome your current limitations and blind spots.

So when we find the mood or the limited programming, we can celebrate together and remember that it’s not you, just an old program for you to watch and let go.

… Just like when you find you have spinach in your teeth when out with friends …

Once you see it, you will be given the CHOICE to do something else.

While in your blind spot, it still pulls strings and affects you without your knowing it.

Are you ready and willing to discover the root causes of this X behavior or problem? “

Addressing archetypes / beliefs / challenging ideas without such a preset can break the rapport as the client may feel threatened and judged (even if it is not your intention), lose confidence and feel aggressive or not judging you.

Deliberately triggering clients is NOT a recommended method of helping them heal.

Inadvertent triggering of clients can happen if you don’t first pre-set enough safety pillows to help the client separate itself from the behavior or belief it is about to let go of.

Removing customer feedback after being triggered as “just their projections” is not a best practice and creates a cycle of drama in which the practitioner takes the role of the attacker and the customer the role of the victim.

We can adhere to higher standards of practice so that we don’t get injured while trying to help.

Hope this gives some useful scripts and ideas on how to address challenging topics in a way that will help the client be ready and feel confident that you are helping them move beyond.

If you want to learn more about the nuances of becoming a great coach and uncovering your coaching superpowers, let’s chat on Messenger here.

Kylie x

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