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This is Why Everybody’s Loopy About The Below Armour Sportsmask

Four new colors have just hit the market and we are itching to have one in each color.

The Under Armor Sportsmask was sold out within an hour of the start. Photos: @denisekellerofficial

With myriad face mask colors, designs, and patterns on the market, everyone should have more than enough reusable masks to last a lifetime. When the Under Armor Sportsmask was launched on July 24th in SG, it was sold out online and in stores within an hour – just like in the US.

What gives? This mask is not just designed for everyday use. It was specially developed for sports, hence the name sports mask. His claim to fame? Breathability.

“The Under Armor sports mask is designed to sit up and down, which makes it easier to breathe and speak. It doesn’t move in and out when you breathe like cloth masks can, ”said Cara McDonough, vice president of accessories and licensing at Under Armor. “In addition, moisture-wicking material wicks sweat into an inner layer so that no sweat collects on the mask in front of the nose and mouth, which could impair breathability.”

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including sports mask

The Under Armor sports mask looks soft and robust on the outside. Photo: Estelle Low

including sports mask

The inside of the Under Armor Sportsmask feels smooth and plush, like your favorite bra. Photo: Estelle Low

At present, people who do strenuous activities such as running, jogging, cycling, and HIIT training are exempt from wearing a mask. But based on the rave reviews we’ve heard so far, we can expect more people to put the sports mask on to exercise.

including sports mask

Denise Keller does not go for a walk or jog without the sports mask. Photo: @denisekellerofficial

The prominent yoga teacher Denise Keller, for example, used the Under Armor Sportsmask for easy walks, jogging and yoga in the park. “I think it’s great how the sports mask is designed. This is the first mask that molds perfectly around my face. It’s very spacious and gives me enough space to breathe heavily and heavily without a fight. It doesn’t stick to my face even after a sweaty session, ”she says.

Another person who praises the fit of the mask is MMA athlete Tiffany Teo, who finds the mask ideal for yoga, weight lifting, and other indoor workouts. “The fit of the mask is great. It was easy to breathe and I didn’t have to make any adjustments while exercising. “

For the swimmer Amanda Lim, the mask is so comfortable that she wears it everywhere. “When I compare the UA sports mask with other reusable masks that I’ve tried, the UA sports mask has optimal breathability. IIt doesn’t stick to my mouth when I’m talking or doing light exercises. And because of that, I don’t sound muffled and actually want to wear it everywhere I go! Versatile, it’s great. “

Obviously, the sports mask flies off the shelves for aesthetic reasons too.

including sports mask

The swimmer Amanda Lim loves the super comfortable fit and the cool design of the sports mask. Photo: Amanda Lim

Amanda calls the design “super cool, looks like I’m part of a Star Wars movie!” While Denise says, “I get so many people asking me where I got my UA sports mask. It makes me especially cool when I’m sweaty out there. “

TO UPDATE: Given that mask wearing will stay here, we are overjoyed that Under Armor brought out new colors after the first launch of the black sports mask. The new colors are: navy, gray, red and slate purple.

Choose from five versatile colors or let them all match your active clothing. Image: Under armor

Right now the only question is what size and colors to get.

Before you race to get your mask, refer to the tables below to find out your size.

Here’s a tip from Amanda: “It It is very important to follow the size chart. My measurement on the diagram is actually an M / L, but I got an S / M because I feared it would be too big. As a result, the mask pulls on my ear a little. Even so, the material for the ear loops is very thin and stretchy, and I still feel very comfortable in it. “

The UA Sportsmask ($ 44) is available in Under Armor stores (Orchard Central, Bugis Junction, Paragon, Funan, and VivoCity) and online (ua.com).

Visit ua.com or Under Armor SEA Facebook page or Instagram page for updates.

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