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The right way to remove “fraud issue –


Many coaches – especially heart-centered, soul-driven coaches – really worry about factors of fraud when starting out in their coaching business. You are concerned about being a scam. They worry when they really have the goods to deliver the change they want to make. You worry about results claims.

And then they don’t sell or register the potential customers they could help.

Dealing with cheating factor and cheat syndrome is a real problem for new heart centered trainers. And what I’ve found is that the people who care the most are often the people who need to care least about it. The people who don’t even notice and don’t even shit are often the ones who might need to look at a few things.

There are only four things that you need to do to get the cheating factor out of your head completely and be able to start or grow your coaching business, growing your business of healing and practitioner transformation changes with ethics and integrity and never having to worry about cheating factor over and over again.

Many mindset trainers would simply say, “Just clarify the belief you are not a scam.” “Just clear the belief that I am a scam.”

And we can absolutely do that with Mindset Coaching. 100 percent. That is the work of the inner world. But we also need to make changes to the outside world. We need to make structural changes to get rid of this idea, so that you know you are having integrity and that you are in ethical practice at the same time.

Here are the 4 things you need to do. Three of them are structural things and one of them is a change in the inner world.

1. Get some exercise

If you are concerned about being a scam and worry about not having the skills to get results, then this is the place to go for training.

If you are trained and competent, you don’t have to worry about cheating because you know your skills. And so you can make claims based on your abilities and your ability to deliver results.

2. Get mentoring and supervision

A lot of people get certifications or get training or take weekend classes or 7 day classes – and then they’re out in the big bad world coaching people and they have no one to ask questions.

Then you run into problems. Then things come up that you need to ask questions about. Get mentoring and supervision, that’s the other piece.

The first thing is training. Point two is to get mentoring and supervision.

3. A way to get feedback

This has just become really clear to me – and I will do more for it.

As trainers and trainers, we need to be able to receive constructive feedback. At the end of your coaching or group programs, or on your website, create a form for customer and student feedback that will help you determine if someone is up to something they need help with.

A lot of people don’t feel comfortable saying, “Hey, I need help with this” or “Hey, I have a problem with this” or “I was really upset when you said blah.”

Sometimes we can make culturally insensitive statements without realizing it. That doesn’t mean being hurtful, just out of blindness, out of cultural prejudices that we don’t even recognize.

So the third is to be able to get feedback structurally and be okay, get feedback, get constructive feedback so that you can get better.

Training, continuous monitoring to ask questions – this is a foundation for clinical practice.

And I have a manager myself. I work with other trainers and every month we meet and we talk about customer problems we face and we talk about how we can get better as practitioners. After 16 years I am still being supervised.

4. Inner work – thinking and clearing beliefs

So, training, supervision and mentoring, one way to get feedback. Then and only when you have dealt with these structural issues can you remove the belief that “I am a scam” and know that you have 100 percent integrity.

Just dealing with that belief without making these other three structural changes in the real world is a delusion – and prepares you for failure.

Just 4 things you need to do to completely eliminate feeling like a scam or a scammer so that you can start and grow your coaching business with power, trust, conviction and sell with conviction and win new clients with conviction because you want to change the world and care about ethical practices.

If you’re looking to implement these things in your company, let’s have a chat as I can actually help you with all of these four things.

I am a certified trainer and can help you train. I have constant care and support. We’ll create minutes and best practice guidelines to get feedback as a coach – and we can take care of your mindset too.

If you’ve ever had trouble feeling like a cheat or a cheat and you’re a soul-guided, heart-centered, ethical coach who really wants to make a positive difference in the world and get it right, then let’s have a chat .

Talk to me using the word INTEGRITY in the comments below or get in touch with me in a private message and we can chat about if my SuperCoach Academy is right for you.

Kylie x

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