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The Draw back of Well being because of Drug Habit

The health disadvantage of drug addiction

The health downside of drug addiction: Many people casually pick up the drug habit and become addicted before they even know it. Their lifestyle and activities evolve to encourage substance abuse without them even realizing it. But what also bears the consequence of their actions is their health.

Those who do drugs are often introduced at a party or by someone close to them so they are easy to cling to. Once this stage is complete, it becomes difficult to decline when someone makes an offer. Or sometimes you are driven by the desire to stand out with your relaxed demeanor and look charismatic.

There is also a group of people who have other personal inhibitions that motivate their actions. Many suffer from bullying and abuse and have to develop invalid ideas about themselves. Others face difficult, stressful circumstances that affect their ability to reason with the situation. In each of these cases, they find medication to release them from their complexes or other harsh realities. They view substances as solutions to these problems while potentially giving them new ones.

Over time, many have published their stories about the damage drugs have caused in their lives. The inability to interact with people, abuse, and the failure to lead healthy lives are just a few of them. Most of these experiences come from people who overcome drug addiction by getting the help they need in a timely manner. Fortunately, if you can find a decent recovery center to make your rehabilitation easier, this is now a possibility. However, training in this area can also help reduce practice or avoid it entirely. Here are some drug addiction health drawbacks that you need to actively watch out for.

  1. Infectious diseases and weakened immune system

    Medicines not only come in the form of pills and tablets, but are also injected through a syringe. There is a higher risk of contracting an infection such as HIV or hepatitis. This is a consequence of the needles splitting when injecting.

    The other type is smoking and snorting drug powders. They can have a significant impact on the airways and cause lung infections.

    There is also a risk that your immune system will be weakened overall. Drugs like cocaine affect the body’s ability to produce white blood cells. This, in turn, reduces the immune system’s response in the fight against disease or infection.

  2. Cardiovascular problems

    One body organ at high risk for drug addicts is the heart. Some drugs are stimulants that give the heart rate an increase, while others are CNS depressants that slow them down. These frequent changes make it difficult for him to maintain a steady pace.

    The body is at high risk of developing blood clots or having coronary artery dissection due to changing blood pressure. These are long term conditions, and in the worst case, death is the reason people need to be vigilant.

  3. Gastrointestinal problems

    Another serious consequence of drug addiction is changed eating habits and digestive problems. People who consume alcohol in large quantities or use drugs such as opioids are at high risk. They may experience indigestion, vomiting, upset stomach, and nausea and may prefer medication to food to survive.

    Patients with chronic indigestion, more commonly known as gastrointestinal reflux disease, have difficulty eating and swallowing certain foods. Constant use of drugs damages the esophagus, which makes it painful. These things can lead to malnutrition and health deterioration, which makes the situation even worse.

  4. Liver damage

    The liver detoxifies substances as part of the metabolism of nutrients. This helps in distributing the energy extracted from these items. With a high intake of medication, the liver feels overwhelmed and collapses in the face of its main responsibility. The organ tissue begins to break down and it also becomes susceptible to diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

    Alcohol is believed to be the most contributing factor to liver damage because it causes a range of diseases. These problems range from inflammation of the liver to scarring and fibrosis. If you’re not careful, things will escalate too and give you liver cancer.

  5. Altered brain chemistry

    Drugs can affect brain chemistry in a number of ways. The human body adapts to the conditions it experiences over time. If a person has been using drugs for too long, the brain may link this to physical addiction. This makes it almost impossible for the addict to give them up without help.

    Similarly, since drugs are stimulants and depressants, people can be over-consumed. You could see them as a solution and escape the struggles of everyday life. What they fail to realize are the induced emotions that are caused by them. These affect their decision-making, judgment, and impulse control. The long-term effects of these conditions can be severe.

    Some people may also face cognitive impairment and memory loss. The calming behavior makes it difficult for them to exercise regularly as they wish. These things can get frustrating for addicts and make them regret their calls.


These have been some of the most noticeable drug addiction health disadvantages that most people face. These should be enough to help you understand the dire consequences of substance abuse. If you are already in this mess and want to get out, you need to seek professional help. Reading about it may be relatable and motivating, but it won’t be enough to get you out of this cycle. So you have to be open to it.

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The health disadvantage of drug addiction

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