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The Advantages That You Could Be Lacking Out On

Eccentric Training: The Benefits You May Be Missing Out On

Eccentric exercise isn’t a word you typically hear in the gym, but it is a crucial element in exercising effectively and efficiently. What if I told you that for every exercise you do, you get only half the benefits of the movement? This is where you can understand how eccentric training works to make sure you get more out of your workout.

What does that mean anyway?

Eccentric motion refers to the elongation of muscles in the body, which is typically the downward motion of an exercise. This is classified as a negative phase of a movement. For example, during the upward phase of a sit-up, the body makes a concentric movement and the muscles are shortened. When the body is lowered back to the floor, the muscles are elongated, and this is the eccentric phase.

The advantages

When done properly, eccentric exercise has been shown to be a more effective way to build strength and burn calories. This is because the muscles are kept under tension, which requires more effort and energy to function.

But am I not already doing this?

There is a possibility that 50% of the total performance potential of exercise is lost. This is because when lifting weights we usually lose control of the downward movement. For example, if you’re lifting a heavy weight, we’re more likely to perform the lift and then drop it to the floor. If real, the tension should be kept on the downward motion for maximum benefit.

How exactly can you work?

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Eccentric Training: The Benefits You May Be Missing Out On

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