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TFX Gymnasium and GFX Studio Open at Change Alley Mall – Right here’s What to Count on

Fitness-only sessions or group fitness classes, or both? It is your call.

All photos: True Group

Good news for those who work in the CBD, award-winning local fitness and wellness company True Group has opened the doors to its world-class GFX concept and fourth club, TFX, on Change Alley Mall.

Both TFX and GFX are strategically located on B2 of Change Alley Mall and offer direct subway access from Raffles MRT station. So there is no excuse not to visit.

Since True Group won the 2019 Best Asian Fitness Brand Award and the Global Health & Pharma Distinction Award for Yoga Classes and Facilities at the inaugural Global Health & Pharma News Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2019, we have been waiting for what else would still bring fitness scene to the region.

With the opening of TFX and GFX in the Change Alley Mall, the goal is to offer flexible workout options that meet our ever-changing fitness needs.

Follow your goals in the TFX gym

With three special areas for strength training, strength exercises and cardio, the TFX gym has everything you need to build strength, strength and endurance.

tfx resistance area change alley shopping center

The Life Fitness 8 Stack Tower Multi-Jungle in the TFX Change Alley Mall.

Discover your strength potential in the area of ​​free weights and increase the burn in the resistance zone, which has multi-purpose strength training equipment such as the Life Fitness 8 Stack Tower Multi-Jungle, which allows various add-ons, setups and configurations for up to eight exercisers at the same time.

Finally, discover new possibilities for cardio at the cardio corner, which is equipped with functional cardio machines such as ski ergs, bike ergs and rowing machines from Concept2 as well as treadmills and cross-trainers from Life Fitness and elliptical trainers from Octane Fitness.

tfx alley change shopping center

Try new forms of cardio at the TFX Change Alley Mall.

If you’re new to the gym or haven’t been there in a while, contact the trainers at the front desk for personal training. They will be happy to give you orientation in the gym, introduce you to the equipment and give you tips on how to maximize your training efficiency.

Vary your workout with group courses in the GFX fitness studios

On days when you need a little more motivation, take a group exercise course at GFX. Right next to TFX are Three GFX gyms where you can take a crazy variety of classes for every fitness level and preference.

gfx spinning studio change alley mall

Let yourself be carried away to another world in a spin course in the GFX Change Alley Mall.

Get your heart racing and burn your whole body with workouts like BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT in the group gym, take part in an intense, out of this world spin course in the cycling studio or exercise mindfully in the yoga studio. That’s not all – there are Zumba, dance, and Pilates classes too.

gfx Yoga Studio Wechselgasse shopping center

Try a number of yoga classes at GFX Change Alley Mall.

Apart from the large selection of courses, we welcome the flexible packages at GFX that meet different requirements. Depending on your schedule and level of commitment, you can choose one-to-one, a package of 10 or 20 classes, or a monthly pass that allows you to add classes and gain access to the TFX gym.

The icing on the cake? The class packages can be shared with friends so group training can really be a high quality social activity to count down to. Fitness appointments, here we come.

Enjoy the little details in TFX and GFX

We have to say that our favorite advantages with TFX and GFX have to be the pampering fittings and facilities. The shared member lounge has plenty of charging points and high-speed WiFi so you can easily catch up on work (or just relax) before and after class.

tfx gfx alley change shopping center

We rarely enjoy showering in gyms, but the changing rooms here gave us a reason to pack our bags thanks to seamless electronic lockers and… powerful Dyson hairdryers. Trust us, if you rush to get 100 more things done for the day, a nifty machine that dries your hair in minutes – and that makes the joy – makes all the difference.

The TFX gym and GFX studio are located in # B2-01 Change Alley Mall, 30 Raffles Place, Singapore 048622 (Tel .: 6438-3000). Go to www.tfx.sg. and www.gfx.sg More information, including special pre-opening pricing.

Brought to you by True Group

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