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Tara Cosgrove Pompetti: From Surviving to Thriving

On a chilly Canadian night, 27-year-old Tara Cosgrove Pompetti was brutally attacked by her ex-boyfriend. He stabbed her 18 times and pierced a lung and kidney. She spent three months recovering from a medically induced coma, but although her physical health was restored, her mental health deteriorated and Pompetti fell into a deep depression. She turned to alcohol and drugs to handle her fight and cleverly hid it from others. “I paced up and down on antidepressants and thought about suicide,” she says. “But you would never have known because I did so well in school and at work.”

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Tara Cosgrove Pompetti, before (center).

The stage of your life

Pompetti knew she had to overcome her addiction to be truly healthy, and although she came to Alcoholics Anonymous and sought the help of medical professionals, nothing stuck. It was then that she discovered fitness model and figure competitions. “It was the perfect mix of passion and discipline that gave me the strength to overcome my struggle and reinvent myself,” she says. “I chose a positive distraction and two and a half years later I can say that this decision not only changed my life, it also saved my life.”

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Pompetti was already familiar with fitness and had followed her fair share of diets, but to be successful in modeling and figure competitions, she knew she needed special guidance. So she hired a coach to optimize her progress, hold her accountable, and not fall back into self-destructive behavior.

Once she began lifting strategically and eating more, not less, her physical and mental fitness improved. She still faced challenges such as a lack of support and encouragement from family members, but she endured it and as she began to adopt healthier habits, she began to drop both her harmful behavior and her haters at the same time.

Modeling a healthy lifestyle

Over the next two years, Pompetti slowly changed her body and way of thinking. She reduced her body fat from 21 to 14 percent and won the IDFA Figure and Fitness Model Competition 2018 and the Muscle Mania Montreal Figure Competition 2019.

32-year-old Pompetti is a successful health and fitness trainer and emphasizes the importance of goal setting and patience for her customers. “You need to have goals and structure to stay on track and be successful,” she says. “Go at your own pace and find a strategy that you can sustain over the long term.” She also wants to inspire others to overcome their challenges – be it abuse, addiction, or mental illness – and build real self-confidence. “A situation doesn’t define you – your actions determine your outcome,” she says. “Go ahead and you will see that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens to you.”

Tara Cosgrove Pompetti

Tara Cosgrove Pompetti, after that.


Place: Montreal

Age: 32

Height: 5’1 ”

Weight before: 118

Weight according to: 122

Occupation: Coach and founder of Tiny T Fitness

Tara’s favorites

Go-to mantra: “Only the strong Survive.” This is what I tattooed on my back after my event.

Top training train: Pull-ups – they’re just so powerful.

Favorite recipe: Oatmeal with protein powder, berries and almonds.

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