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Taking BCAA vs Whey Protein – Which One is Higher ?

Anyone who leads a fit lifestyle and cares about their health knows the importance of protein in achieving big physical goals. Countless studies have already shown how increased protein consumption leads to increased muscle building, improved immunity and a reduced appetite, which makes you feel full for a long time and thus leads to a reduced percentage of body fat.

And while protein, especially whey protein, has been shown to be very effective at helping people build better looking bodies, new studies have surfaced claiming that several of the building blocks of protein, branched chain amino acids (BCAA), can be even more useful than just taking Whey protein.

Nutritionists have known about the many benefits and effectiveness of BCAAs for many years, so there’s nothing new here. But when they started a study to compare how effective consuming just BCAA compared to whey protein is for athletes, they got some amazing results that suggested that BCAA is much more effective when compared to whey protein It is about reducing body fat levels and increasing muscle mass and increasing their strength.

Before you decide to toss your whey protein in the toilet and buy BCAA instead, let’s examine the study in more detail and see what fitness professionals are doing themselves to find the best way to use both BCAA and whey protein for maximum results .

BCAA vs whey protein

To properly understand the effectiveness of whey protein, we need to get a little scientific and look at the structure of the protein. Whey protein has a very high amount of specific amino acids, especially the following three: leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are collectively known as branched chain amino acids or BCAAs.

When nutritionists began doing more research on BCAAs, they concluded that they were actually quite effective on their own and athletes could use them to experience not only many of the same benefits that whey protein offers, but some additional benefits as well that exceed certain doses of whey protein. Now let’s examine the above study.

Are BCAA’s More Effective Than Whey Protein?

In this specific study, the scientists monitored the body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and strength of three different groups of trained people who trained once a week for a total of eight weeks. The groups were divided as follows:

1. 10 people who ate 28 grams of whey protein
2. 10 people who have taken 14 grams of BCAAs
3. 10 people who consumed 28 grams of carbohydrates from a sports drink

While the results of the study showed that the group who took BCAA had the most fat loss and increased muscle mass and strength, a few points should be mentioned here: 15 grams of BCAA is too much.

If the majority of BCAA supplements recommend around 5 grams of BCAA per serving, then look at 3 servings of most BCAA supplements. On the other hand, 30 grams of protein is roughly 1 protein serving. 30 grams of carbohydrates is also roughly 1 serving of an average sports drink.

What this actually means is that the study is comparing how effective taking 3 servings of BCAA is with taking 1 serving of two other nutritional supplements, whey protein and a sports drink. And considering that the majority of whey protein already contains around 5 grams of protein per serving, if you took 3 servings of whey you would also have around 15 grams of BCAAs and all of the other essential amino acids in whey, which is most likely the results of the study.

In the end, the study was conducted by a popular nutritional supplement company that is a large manufacturer of BCAA supplements, and it should come as no surprise that the results of the study aim to show just how incredibly potent BCAAs are.

THE CONCLUSION: BCAA vs Whey Protein – both are amazing and extremely effective

The above study actually shows that both BCAA and whey protein are very effective in helping people improve their body composition by increasing lean muscle mass, reducing body fat, and making them stronger. The bottom line is that if you want to build a better looking physique and lose fat safely and consistently over time, you should be using both BCAAs and whey protein.

If you want to maximize their effectiveness, here are some things to consider: BCAA’s give you the best bang for your buck, before, during, and after your workout when the body needs the amino acids for energy during exercise and to repair damaged muscle tissue after exercise . Always choose products that contain more than 3 grams of BCAAs per serving. It is also a general recommendation that you take 1 serving of BCAA before training and 1 serving during training.

Whey protein which is already high in BCAAs is great to be consumed before and after a workout, but considering that even the purest, most filtered brands of protein contain around 100 calories in a serving, some people prefer to keep the protein for post workout in the form of a protein shake or as a meal replacement. The general recommendation is that you take 1 serving of whey protein within the first hour after your workout, and possibly add another serving as a meal replacement or snack during the day.

So that everything works

Whey protein and BCAA are the two most effective nutritional supplements to take for building more muscle, getting leaner, and recovering faster. For maximum results, do the following on training days:

Take one serving of BCAAs mixed with 7-12 oz half an hour before your workout. Water, and you could also have a light snack of carbohydrates like fruit, oatmeal, etc. Next, during exercise, a serving of BCAAs mixed with 7-12 oz. Water and take a serving of whey protein mixed with 7-12 oz after your workout. Of your favorite drink.

The one hour post workout window is the perfect time to ingest carbohydrates as it helps replenish energy stores that have been burned and make protein more effective by getting into muscle cells faster. Include 30-60 grams of carbohydrates with your protein shakes for maximum results. As a snack or meal replacement, you can have a serving of whey protein mixed with 7-12 oz of your favorite beverage.

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