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Significant Mantras – Oxygen Journal

Do you know the term “mantra”? It is derived from two Sanskrit words: Manas (mind) and Tra (tool). So a mantra is literally a tool for your mind. While some mantras are a single word or short phrase, others can be longer. It really depends on what resonates with you.

Help unite mind and body with a powerful mantra.

A popular mantra that you’ve probably heard if you’ve ever taken a yoga class is om (from the sacred Hindu syllable aum – it is considered the sound of the creation of the universe). Sometimes it helps to just focus on a simple sound like this to unite mind and body. However, this is certainly not your only option!

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Do you have a mantra to live by? Is there a phrase or question to say to yourself to start off each day or to remind yourself of when you feel lost or stressed out? When you have a mantra that you swear by and love, that’s awesome. Keep using it! But if you don’t have a mantra yet and are looking for one to connect with, you might want to try my mantra?

One of my favorite mantras is, “If not, then what?” I find this question particularly useful when meditating, visualizing, and trying to manifest expectations, goals, or next steps. But what exactly does that mean?

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I think the universe knows exactly what we need – and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes what we need and what we want aren’t completely aligned. The reality you envisioned – say, it’s a specific car, home, vacation, partner, or job – may not appear exactly as you envision it. At this moment you have to trust the universe. In these times I ask the universe, “If not, then what?” This mantra keeps me optimistic and confident that what is meant for me will come to me … and what is not meant for me will fall away. It is all too easy to attach to things and people, and this mantra helps me practice non-attachment and letting go while still being open to receiving in abundance.

When trying to find a mantra that is the most meaningful to you, ask yourself, “What do I need? How would I feel supported, held, and loved? “A mantra could be simply:“ I deserve peace ”or“ I am love ”or“ I am open to reception [insert word: love, guidance, patience, etc.]. “You don’t have to reconsider, but be authentic in choosing a mantra that is in line with your true self.

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