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Shallow teaching is just not sufficient anymore… –


I just read an amazing post from my new friend Anita Garza that inspired and inspired this video. (Check it out below)

Flat coaching is simply no longer enough.

We are a world undergoing radical change, and people are awakening to ancestral collective wounds, soul wounds that have festered in humanity for a long time – racial injustice, collective trauma, slavery, human trafficking, ecological disaster, this rival hierarchical nature that is in all of us.

It’s embedded in all of us. It’s not an “out there” problem – it’s an “in here” problem with each and every one of us.

We all have our part to play in it, and each of us has our own inner work to do in order to emerge in a new, more compassionate and loving way and be the change we want to see in the world.

When you are a coach helping people with change, it is no longer good enough, and no longer efficient, effective, and helpful to just teach surface-level strategies.

As trainers, we have to have the skills, the ability, the bare minimums and the willingness to delve deeply into our own things and face our own prejudices, prejudices and blind spots. We need to be willing and able to work deeply with our customers to help them transform. Not only strategic changes at the surface level, but also profound changes.

Because that is exactly what the world needs in order to heal. We have to face these hidden wounds and shadows and move through them. Not bypassing, but going through them, integrating and healing those wounds to see those parts of us for a variety of reasons that might hurt or feel stuck or unworthy or shameful.

So if you are not yet getting the impact or income you want in your coaching business, my calling for you and my challenge and fight for you is to bring the work of the outside world that you are doing into the work of Integrate inner world you make.

I know I speak to coaches on both sides of this equation.

Some of the trainers who follow me are really great at business and really great at fitness and practicality. And some coaches are really great at the inner world, but their own internal wounds in terms of capitalism, business, and privilege keep them from making the impact they really really want to make and they have the ability to make because they have their own rejection of the oppressor.

There are many different things going on here, and each of us has our own set of things to work on.

And so we really stand equally as people of all colors, shapes, races, sizes, cultures, experiences and really stand in the synarchy, which is the highest level beyond the hierarchy, and really stand together as an industry and an industrial planet, then we can do both the in-depth work and the surface-level work.

We can emerge in new ways. We can go deep and look at our own stuff so we can then help our customers go through their stuff too.

Because transformation changes don’t just result from a strategy. Transformational changes require a profound change in how you see yourself and how you see yourself in the context of the world, how you see your place in the world – your status, your worthiness, your ability to do what you want to do, and what you do heart longs for.

So, shallow stuff isn’t enough, and I kind of created this new idea … well, it’s not that new, it’s like the combination of super and coaching.

That identity or new archetype of the SuperCoach has the willingness, the ability, the ability to look inward, to contemplate these difficult uncomfortable places and to grow and heal and to help others do the same.

When you feel the calling to hone your skills and increase your confidence and conviction, make such videos for your own audience and bring them to a higher standard, and inspire and encourage your employees to change the transformation you are then I encourage and invite you to join me in the SuperCoach Society where I occasionally share tips, strategies, skills, processes, and inspirational rants that will help you increase your greatest service and impact.

It’s no longer good enough just to do things at the surface level. We have to be fully integrated transforming humans to be beacons and beacons of the change the world needs right now.

I would love you to join me. We have a whole planet helping us move, so now we need all hands on deck.

Relax yourself. I will speak to you soon.

Kylie x

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Here is the one who inspired this video now:

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