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Queerantine Actions – Cool Concepts For You And Your Associate

With growing uncertainty about the impact of a global pandemic coupled with massive civil revolution movements protesting against police brutality and systemic racism BIPOC – Taking care of yourself can feel like a revolutionary act.

While bloggers quickly filled their pages with cute couples Quarantine activity, many of these pages do not appear to be shown. While joy and connectedness are vital for everyone, viewing stock images of heterosexual couples adorning these pages will quickly make a queerdo like me close that tab with a sigh.

For this reason, I’ve rounded up some of my top “queerantine” activities to spice things up and give you and your partners tools for playful self-care. Remember, there is no way you need to be queer to participate in these activities.

Have fun!

The hat game

Life is full of surprises. Why not use the element of surprise to turn the quarantine on its head?

Take a hat or an empty bag and cut a few strips of paper into smaller pieces.

Sit down with your partner and take ten to twenty minutes to write down various spontaneous “activities” that have to do with one another.

These can be simple prompts for confirmation, steamy, and sexy suggestions. Let your imagination run wild! Just make sure you and your partner are okay with this.

When the energy is a little stagnant or bored, grab your magic hat and let the games begin!

Body brush

This one was inspired by a masterpiece that was created on a sunny Saturday afternoon. With just one piece of stretched canvas, some body-safe paint, and two breasts, we were able to create a brilliant work of aquatic-inspired art.

Turns out breasts are great brushes! And I bet they’re not the only body parts that can create unique prints on paper or canvas (you might want to avoid openings if you notice my drift).

Get your supplies first: canvas or a large piece of butcher paper, body-safe paint, and a willing participant.

Then, have your partner apply paint to your body using a brush or their hands. Get creative and see what shapes and patterns you can create together. Voila!

While this is super fun with a partner, this can be a solo activity too!

Sexy spa session

Nothing says self-care like a sexy spa session. Treat your partner properly by preparing a soft room with subdued lights, candles (highly recommended massage candles), relaxing music, and any other toys that inspire you.

You can start with the partner yoga To relax in your space, relax together and seize the moment. Another great way to start your spa day is with a bath together. Complete with relaxing Epsom salts and delicious essential oils.

A favorite treatment that we have tried at home is influenced by an Ayruvedic technique called Shirodharawhere warm oil drips continuously over the third eye. Unless you are professionally trained, you likely don’t have access to any of the expensive devices used in this treatment. We just use a measuring cup with a spout and fill it with warm oil. Coconut, sesame seeds, and olive oil are all good options.

Make sure you put a towel down first. Let your partner lie on their back and gently place a slightly damp washcloth over their eyes to protect them. Then slowly pour the oil over the forehead in the same place near the “third eye”. You can use the remaining oil to massage the face, neck, head, ear, and chest.

You can then move the massage onto your back, arms, legs, and anywhere your hands lead you.

Artistic admiration

You know you love your partner, but in the stressful and quarantined world, sometimes we forget to express it. Here is your chance.

It takes ten to thirty minutes each (decide in advance) to create exactly what you love and appreciate about your partner.

How you express your love is entirely up to you. Use your creative gifts to let your affirmative words come out in any form. This can be in a poem, song, rap, dance, painting or drawing, sculpture or culinary creation. Definitely get creative and let your lover know how much they are appreciated!

Sensual snacks

Again, we recommend doing this outside if possible or removing old towels, as this can get messy.

When your partner is comfortable with this, blindfold them (you can literally use anything). Then, gather supplies, which means a selection of sensual snacks. Explore tactile sensations by rubbing different foods all over their bodies and letting them guess what it is before finally giving them a bite.

Ignite all your senses and play with it!

We know some days are easier than others and we hope these sweet quarantine activities give you and your partner new tools and inspiration to control life right now.

Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at the age of fourteen when she was present at the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birthing doula gave her insights into the magical realm of childbirth, pregnancy and everything in between. Your role as an obstetrician is her way of serving as an activist. She uses writing as an important educational tool to bring about changes in our view of reproductive health as a whole.

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