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MRE® | FitnessRX for Girls

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Anyone who trains hard and wants to build muscle knows that you need to eat to grow and provide your body with the right nutrients to ultimately demonstrate your hard work in the gym. In other words, you can’t eat like a 90-year-old woman if you want to grow up. The problem is, so many supplements are full of non-food junk that won’t help you build muscle. Redcon1 came to the rescue with that ready-to-drink version (RTD) from their popular MRE meal replacement, available in a handy protein shake with real whole foods that can make all the difference in your workout. Tired of sipping shakes that taste like chalk? No worries. These shakes from Redcon1 taste delicious.

Made from real food

Real food is always the best, no matter what your physical goals are. Any nutritionist worth their salt will tell you this. Hence, your meal replacement should be made from real foods, not strange-sounding man-made ingredients whose names bring you back to your high school chemistry class. While many shakes are loaded with artificial ingredients, the Redcon1 researchers took the MRE® Taking protein shakes to a whole new level by throwing out the junk ingredients and giving you healthier choices. Give the ingredients MRE® Protein shakes Amazing taste, incomparable taste and the nutrition that will give you lasting energy throughout the day. Just like powdered MRE, the shakes contain only real food sources that won’t upset your stomach, cause cramps, or give you unwanted gas.

About the taste

Our staff loved the taste of MRE® Protein shakes. Redcon1 has reached the peak of taste and satisfaction. the high water mark of muscle building macros. Speaking of flavor, the shakes come in delicious flavors including Strawberry Shortcake, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Milkshake and Blueberry Cobbler.

Further information is available at redcon1.com

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