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Masturbation Manifestation – The Energy of Creation

I had lunch with a wild friend a few years ago and no surprise we were talking about masturbation here.

She told me about a practice she calls “masturbation manifestation”. As I described the process to myself, I sat wide-eyed, fascinated and intimidated as I was learning to use my own sexual power and confidence.

I listened carefully and clung to every word. The last sentence rang in my head to this day. “Think about it when you have an orgasm, it is one of the most intense sensations we can experience as humans. Now imagine taking this energy and injecting it into everything you are trying to manifest. “

Check your privilege

Before we dive into the dirty details, let’s bring up one thing – manifestation is a strange term that can be laden with all sorts of privileges and honestly makes me wince at times.

But it is something, to put an intense amount of energy into a dream, wish, or desire and watch what happens. We all have goals and things that we expect in life. So why not use every tool at our disposal to achieve these goals?

The power of creation

While this concept is related to heteronormativity, sex is an act of creation. Even if it doesn’t explicitly do another person, Sex is an artistic actand an act of connection, an act of transcendence, and sometimes just plain old fun.

To create something, whatever it is, it takes a certain amount of energy to move that thing forward. That is why the manifestation of masturbation is such a powerful tool.

Get witchy with it

While sex with another person can be absolutely magical (or more), it’s just as powerful for you. In fact, all you have to do is focus on me, me, and me. Without someone else’s distraction – as pleasant as that may be – you can put all that sweet orgasmic energy into whatever you want to create in your life.

Does it all feel pretty mind-blowing to you? No worries! If the words “inject all your energy into it,” “manifest your wildest dreams,” and “create sex magic” make you feel like you are lost in a deck of tarot cards, just take what resonates with you.

Build your practice

Okay, are you feeling inspired to get those * um * juices flowing and boost your creativity?

To my fellow man of masturbation; Any exercise you create yourself is awesome. It’s your sex life after all. However, if you’re wondering how to make one, here’s an idea on how to get into the zone.

Create the space

Any kind of practical magic requires an adjustment to the scene before getting into the essentials.

First of all, you want to be in a place where you are comfortable when having sex with yourself. It depends on your privacy. Maybe you need music or white noise to block out roommates or street noise – great, go for it!

What else do you do to lighten the mood and get into a ritual room? Are you a candle fan? Incense lover? Would you like to set the stage with vases full of flowers? Beautiful! When you use sex toys, have them on hand. This is your sexy space, and it is your choice how it looks and feels.

Set your intentions

You have set up your room, your fire is on, now it’s time to zero out. What are you dreaming of

It could be something tangible like a promotion, a new home, or your dream high-waisted jeans that you’ve been looking for in every thrift store. It can also be new energy, a revelation, or a deeper understanding of a situation. Whatever it is, this is your practice.

Now write it down in your journal or on a piece of paper that you will bury or burn. Write in life what you dream of.

Do some magic

This, of course, is the hot and hard part of the practice. Where you get to actually masturbating. I will not tell you what to do here, after all, you know your body best. However, I’ll give you some pointers.

  • Take your time. Allow this orgasmic energy to slowly build up and feel it swirl and rise through every part of your body.
  • Keep breathing. Stay connected to your breath with deep belly breaths. This helps in slowing down and keeps you grounded and focused on your vision.
  • You do not have to come. Say it again for the people behind the scenes! Orgasms are not required for this exercise. As great as they are, orgasms are not easy for everyone, especially when you are stressed out or under pressure. If you are not having an orgasm, do not worry, let yourself be present in pleasure and just enjoy the sensations as they come.

The bottom line

Witchcraft and manifestation aside, orgasms make you feel good. masturbation can increase your confidence and make you glow from the inside out.

Call it sex magic or just call it practical, but the better you feel, the smoother life is. The more fluently you can move through life, the easier things can come to you. You will feel more secure if you ask about your needs, expand the creative framework and pursue your goals.

Not that you need an excuse to masturbate (as always!), But there are few things more attractive than a person who knows how to please themselves and own it!

Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at the age of fourteen when she was present at the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birthing doula gave her insights into the magical realm of childbirth, pregnancy and everything in between. Your role as an obstetrician is her way of serving as an activist. She uses writing as an important educational tool to bring about changes in our view of reproductive health as a whole.

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