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Lee Priest Responds to Pretend Weights Accusations

We recently posted a video of Lee Priest doing strict bicep curls at 221 pounds, which is very close to the world record. The video made quite a few waves on the internet and attracted the attention of many people. Given that Lee has suffered from a serious neck injury for years, his performance seemed too divine to be true.

In a new video, Lee admits that he used wrong weights and the video was just a joke and all of the “wrong weights” commentators on the internet were actually correct with their comments.

As he himself says in the video below, Lee was in a car accident in 2015 that severely damaged his neck and crushed one of his nerves. He says he had to get clean because of his video about strict curls, mainly because the insurance companies aren’t paying him for the injury he sustained, and claims Lee is still able to compete and exercise normally.

“Let me tell you, after five and a half years my throat is still fucked,” he says. “As you know, in March 2015 it was a car accident. Since then this side (my right side) has withered, loss of strength. Can’t keep up anymore because my body is asymmetrical. Yes, I can still lift weights. Can I still exercise the way I used to? Not at all. Can I compete like before? Not at all. Can I earn money like I used to? Not at all.

But the insurance company would think I can, ”added Priest. “They seem to see me making videos and saying, ‘Oh Lee is making a comeback. ‘I have to tell you. Lifting fake weights in these videos where they say I’m making a comeback is not a comeback. You need to learn sarcasm insurance company. “

In the video, Priest talks about the difficulties he is going through due to his bruised nerve and how he needs to do another operation to regain some of his mobility. However, according to Lee, insurance companies believe he is faking his pain and injury just so he can get paid.

As we mentioned earlier, Lee Priest is a legend of the sport, he’s known for his incredible physical development, he’s not a powerlifter, and he doesn’t care how much he can lift. Unfortunately, bodybuilding and competitions will no longer be possible in the future, although he used to make a living from it.

Hopefully he can get the surgery he needs and improve the quality of life.

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