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How Does Ejaculation Work?

Ejaculation is an amazing process. The act of ejaculating is the basis for the survival of our species. Maybe that’s why men seem so interested in it. I often feel that we have a strong original attachment to this sexual experience. It’s like it’s the ultimate sign of manhood.

It is no accident that the “cash shot” in porn is the highly sophisticated ejaculation sequence. For me as a person dealing with human sexuality, it is fascinating that porn rarely features someone ejaculating in another person – although this is very common in everyday life.

I find that men are more fixated on ejaculation than women. For example, men have dry ejaculations after prostate cancer surgery; There is a sensation of ejaculation, but nothing comes out of the penis. These men often mourn the lack of ejaculation. Most of the time, their partners are excited that sex isn’t so messy anymore. This can lead to some challenges in the relationship if misunderstandings arise.

However, for many, ejaculation is a largely misunderstood process. I think it is imperative that we understand the basics of ejaculation and what it is. As we said earlier, orgasm and ejaculation are two completely different events that usually occur around the same time. Ejaculation is a lower spinal cord reflex, triggered by both physical and mental stimuli, that results in the expulsion of semen from the penis. An orgasm is a release of chemicals in the brain that leads to a feeling of euphoria.

Ejaculation is made up of two separate processes. The emission phase is when sperm, seminal fluid and prostate fluid are collected in the urethra before ejaculation. The ejaculation phase is the process by which this mixture is expelled through the urethra and out of the penis.

It’s important to understand that ejaculation is a normal body reflex, just like when the doctor hits your knee during the physical exam. If only controlling ejaculation was as easy as hitting your knee! I often talk to men about how to learn to control the triggers of ejaculation. In the simplest sense, the triggers for ejaculation are genital stimulation, tense pelvic muscles, tense abdominal muscles, respiratory arrest and arousal.

Any of these triggers can cause an orgasm. For example, some men tell the story of how they experienced involuntary ejaculation simply from visual stimulation when they were young. Most men subconsciously know how to speed up ejaculation. They tone their legs, they tone their abs and they increase the stimulation. When they approach, they either have a mental image or an erotic thought that can push them over the edge. Lots of men talk about surfing porn sites while masturbating until they see a scene that makes them ejaculate.

Men who are struggling to climax will try a combination of all of these things to achieve ejaculation. For men who experience rapid ejaculation, we teach them to identify and reduce as many of these triggers as possible.

Understanding how to control these triggers is key to controlling ejaculation. Once we understand how our bodies work, we can make more informed and informed decisions when it comes to treatment decisions. If you have premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, or just have questions, contact us for a free telephone consultation. We can find out together.

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