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eight Window Cleansing Ideas for the Cleanest Home windows Ever

8 window cleaning tips for the cleanest windows ever: Sparkling windows add to the aesthetics and attractiveness of every home. It’s also a great way to let in more sunlight and light up your living space. Stains, dirt and dust prevent light from penetrating, creating a cloudy and gloomy atmosphere.

While you can always get professional help by doing a quick search for window cleaning in Melbourne, you can still get your windows pristine yourself. This post introduces eight window cleaning tips for the cleanest windows ever.

Choose the right weather

Did you know that cleaning your windows can affect the way they look? On warmer days such as summer, sunlight will allow your cleaning solution to dry out faster. You may have noticed leftover residue on hot days. To avoid stains and streaks damaging your clear windows, plan for cooler days. Make sure you choose a day or time when the sun’s rays aren’t directly on your window. It could be morning, later at night, or colder.

Use the right tools

In addition to the weather or the time of day, you should also pay attention to the tools you use to clean. When was the last time you changed the cloth or towel you used to wash your windows? Using old and dirty towels to wipe your windows may have the opposite effect that you are looking for as they can leave unwanted residue. Use a clean microfiber cloth to prevent lint and dirt from sticking to your window after you’ve cleaned it. Of course, you also need to have a spray bottle on hand.

Pay attention to the direction

Pay attention to the movements when using a washcloth. The best results try to confuse it. Don’t stick to one direction. You can walk in small or large circular motions. Then add horizontal and vertical swipes, or up and down swipes, to the mix. Changing the motions will prevent streaks from appearing when sticking to a monotonous flow.

Buy a squeegee

Many professional window cleaners use a squeegee while cleaning. While it’s not a standard household tool, you can still invest in a small hand squeegee. These tools aren’t just for shows. They are much more useful than newspapers and old clothes for keeping your windows pristine as they will not leave streaks. The best type would be a rubber blade squeegee. For best results, keep your lines in the same direction. Top down is best, so remove any excess water.

Use rain repellent

While your windows are great at keeping out the rain and preventing your furniture from getting soaked, they’ll stay pristine longer with less contact with the shower. Do not worry; You don’t have to do anything special. A simple rain cover like the one commonly used on your windshield will work. These spray products make it easier for water to roll off windows. As you know, rainwater leaves streaks and sometimes stains on your glass.

Use a magic eraser

Deep cleans are great for getting your windows back to their original sparkling shape. In between those intense, deep cleans, it’s still just as important that your windows are spotless. Instead of removing the screen from the frame like a thorough clean. You can get a magic eraser from a grocery store to remove dust and grime.

Add vinegar to your cleaning solution

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner and can make your job easier. Some cleaning solutions come with vinegar. So check the label first. You can add around 4-5 drops of vinegar to any solution that doesn’t have vinegar as an ingredient. If you are only using water, you can use an equal mixture of vinegar and warm water. Before cleaning with your vinegar solution, it is important that you clean with soapy water first.

Don’t forget to clean up the tracks

The window tracks your screens slide over are easy to forget, but just as important to clean. However, they can be persistent as these tracks are often narrow. To remove dirt from those difficult spots, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. First sprinkle some baking soda and then some vinegar on the rails. Leave this solution on for about ten minutes and voila! The mass adhering to the paths loosens and you can wipe it off with a sponge brush.

These eight tips are designed to help you keep even the dirtiest windows pristine. So prepare the right tools and plan the right time and day to redesign your window. Remember, you can always get professional help if you’re too busy cleaning up, or if someone else wants to take care of such a chore.

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