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Distinction Between Lily Cup Traditional and Lily Cup One?

Cruise for a cup? You are spoiled for choice! You may be wondering whether to go for the Lily Cup Classic or the Lily Cup One. There are both great menstrual cups that will help you reduce your carbon footprint while staying protected for hours. But you need to know more information in order to choose the perfect mug for your period. Read on to find out more!

Lily Cup Classic

What is it:

Lily Cup Classic is our very first menstrual cup, and we’re still pretty proud of it. It has sleek, smooth sides for a snug fit and a leak-proof edge for dirt-free removal. It also has a grippy stem that does it easier to take out.

For who it is:

Lily Cup Classic comes in two sizes so it fits a lot of people! Size A is 40 mm and contains 25 ml of liquid. Size B is slightly larger and holds more fluid. In testing, we’ve found that women who have been pregnant, or generally have a weaker pelvic floor, often find these cups safer.

In essence, the Lily Cup Classic is a great menstrual cup for people with a very high cervix and / or very heavy blood flow.

Lily Cup One

What is it:

A unique, bubbly cup, Lily Cup One has a sleek design that is better suited to smaller anatomies but uses its design to maintain cup capacity. Lily Cup One also has a stiffer rim than any other menstrual cup, which makes it easier to open once the cup has been inserted.

For who it is:

Lily Cup One was developed for people who have no experience with periods or are new to switching from pads and tampons to cups. It has several unique features designed specifically for these people!

Even people who are professionals at diving into a menstrual cup like the unique design and easy opening. Lily Cup One is our dainty cup, but still has an impressive capacity of 20 ml (20 ml – or the same as 2 normal tampons).

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Lane Baumeister is an international Canadian writer with years of experience creating educational and entertaining articles dealing with intimate health and sexual wellbeing. When she’s not into menstruation, she devotes herself to extremely good food and equally bad movies.

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