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Construct Your Dream Social Distance Date

While our idea of ​​a “dream date” doesn’t usually involve social distancing, dating in the COVID-19 era means creating shelter to protect the health of you and your new sweetheart – and everyone else you may come in contact with come.

Social Distance Dating may require some additional tools to coordinate and plan ahead, but it is absolutely doable.

The first question to ask yourself and your date is whether your date will be personal or virtual. We’re here to give you ideas for both!

Personal appointments

We assume that at a face-to-face meeting you will also take steps to prevent possible transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. That means wearing a mask, staying at least two meters away, and most likely meeting outside.

While this may seem limiting, it also opens up so many possibilities and removes the awkwardness we often experience with your standard appointment at a bar or restaurant. You might meet up during the day and be able to focus on a fun outdoor activity while you get to know each other.

Of course, you have your standard for a hike or bike ride, which is a great choice, but here are some other options …

water sports

If you live near a body of water where water sports can be enjoyed, this is a great choice for getting outside and meeting someone! When the weather is nice, you can rent a stand-up paddleboard or individual kayaks, or maybe surf!

Picnic in the park

This is a classic and for good reason. Who doesn’t like watching the sunset with a glass of wine, delicious food and fun company? You will most likely bring your own meals, but you can order from the same restaurant too so that you can ignore your favorite dishes.

For extra fun, learn about your activities, bring some painting supplies and take portraits of each other. Watch the giggles!

movie night

If you live near a drive-in theater, or have a yard and projector, then you can absolutely make a movie night possible. Grab your coziest blankets and bring your own snacks. What will it be? Comedy? Romance? A thought-provoking documentary? You can learn a lot about a person from their tastes in movies!

Virtual data

If you and your date are more comfortable getting to know each other through a screen, we have plenty of ideas for you!

Cooking together”

Order a meal set or make a grocery list together and have fun cooking together in the safety of your own kitchen. Cooking is playful and you can collaborate and create even when you can’t be together in person. You will enjoy sitting down and eating together after enjoying learning about your activities.

Show and say

Speaking of getting to know you. However, to do this you have to collect so many objects from your house and present them to each other, with a little side story about what each object means or says about you.

You can even go on the treasure hunt with different prompts that you answer by collecting objects. Some funny prompts include “my cutest baby picture”, “this is what I turn to when I feel blue” and “that’s me in a nutshell”.

Get Artsy

You can definitely try out the picnic idea of ​​portraying each other across the screen. If you’re a musician and have the right computer equipment, you can even host a virtual jam night. Another idea is to collect the same craft supplies and learn a new hobby!

Other helpful date social distance date tips

  • Check your equipment: Make sure your microphone, speaker, camera, and anything else you communicate with are working in advance.
  • Clean your space: This may be obvious, but make sure the space you are using looks neat and reflects how you want to be perceived.
  • Check in with roommates: Make sure to let roommates, family members, or anyone else who may be around know that you want privacy during your appointment. Unless you feel ready to meet the parents right away!
  • Look good, feel good: How did you treat yourself before a date? Spa time at home? Shave your legs Wash your hair You don’t have to be too fancy, but take the time to do what you can to feel safe. You can then go straight back to your sweatpants.
  • Be yourself: Of course, you should always try to be yourself when you date, but sometimes we need an extra reminder. Especially when it’s so normal to feel uncomfortable, unfounded, or deal with social anxiety.
  • Have fun: Put all that stress and social anxiety aside and just have fun meeting someone new. Absolutely no pressure!

Covid, communication and consent

As frustrating and heartbreaking as it may be, living during a pandemic and trying to find love or romance, it underscores the need for consent and communication.

You can potentially learn a lot about someone based on how compatible your approach to COVID is and how communicative a new person is.

There can be a lot less pressure to get physical (or even hug) when you are still getting to know someone, and communication about what that means in the context of the pandemic tells about how that person communicates and generally respects boundaries .

Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at the age of fourteen when she was present at the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birthing doula gave her insights into the magical realm of childbirth, pregnancy and everything in between. Your role as an obstetrician is her way of serving as an activist. She uses writing as an important educational tool to bring about changes in our view of reproductive health as a whole.

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