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Coaching Masks 3.0 – Oxygen Journal

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Oxygen Magazine Review

Training masks are pretty cool in general. The idea behind the mask training technique is that when oxygen is limited, like breathing through the mask, your heart and lungs have to work a little harder. So when you take the mask off, your body may be more efficient, which leads to improved athletic performance. Masks were originally marketed for height preparation, but are now more mainstream. When you open the box, the training mask 3.0 looks impressive. Everything black, slim design, high quality materials and the mask part itself looks really durable. It took some configuration and adjustment work, but eventually the mask and harness were properly attached. Our first venture was a run. Coupled with a touch of claustrophobia and a few strange looks from passers-by, it’s comfortable and for the most part stays in place while exercising with strong effects. It took some getting used to. Was a little awkward together with the hat and earplugs that were also worn when running. The next day of training consisted of a hike. Much more pleasant, also because the workouts are of course less intense. The third trial was strength and agility training, consisting of plyometric intervals and skipping rope intervals. The mask definitely and obviously makes training more difficult.

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In terms of training masks, the training mask 3.0 is high quality and well designed. Spent most workouts on the 3x setting, with some testing intervals at 0x and 6x. The general impression takes getting used to, the mask technique is definitely not suitable for everyone, but it was interesting to explore it as a training technique.

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Oxygen Elite Ambassador Reviews

Dolente - training mask 1

“I’m always looking for tools to get better at racing and the Training Mask 3.0 is a real game changer. I started using altitude training masks a few years ago but I’ve found many of them had bad fits, or Made it too heavy What I really like about the Training Mask 3.0 is that the mask is comfortable and fits well so I don’t have to adjust it and forget that I am even wearing it, which really makes a difference to me, the difference the Training mask 3.0 offers what others don’t is the individually ventilated front panel. By adjusting the intensity, I can adjust my airflow to how I feel. Being able to adjust the ventilation when I am breathing heavily is really nice and it allows me to wear it while I run, drive, lift and do obstacle training.The Training Mask 3.0 is a tool that I continue to use for training and that I will use with my clients for better breathing and performance! “

– –Sad Madeline


“When I first saw the Training Mask 3.0 I honestly thought, ‘No other heavy, bulky, expensive breathing mask’ that I would use once and then throw in my closet – never to use it again. So my expectations weren’t high.

The training mask was light, compact and easy to stow in my gym bag. The mask fits well and comfortably, conveniently with a removable washable strap. After working with it for 10 minutes, I forgot I was even wearing it. The mask can be easily adjusted to intensity and airflow with a simple push of a button. This mask doubled the intensity of my workout and made me reach my fatigue threshold in half the time it normally takes for cardio. This mask can be a game changer for athletes, fitness fanatics, or just someone who wants to take their training and cardiovascular strength to the next level. I can recommend Training Mask 3.0 to anyone who is ready to take their training to the next level. “

– –Danielle Duffy

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