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All You Have to Know About This Process

Singapore Nasal Suture Lift: Everything You Need to Know About This Procedure

A nasal suture lift is a cosmetic procedure that uses suture known as polydioxanone sutures to lift the bridge of the nose and tip. These threads are biocompatible with the human body and are also absorbed. The threads will help shape the height and shape of your nose.

If you have a wide, sloping, large tip of your nose, you can raise a nasal thread. However, you need to know all of this information if you decide which procedure to use.

How is a nasal thread lift done?

The procedure is non-surgical and your doctor will first take measurements and markings on your nose, whichever you prefer. The doctor will then clean the area and apply anesthetic cream followed by an injection to numb your nose. Finally, they use a needle to create the suture entry point, insert it through the cannula into the tip or bridge of the nose, and remove it after insertion.

These PDO threads dissolve after a while. After the procedure, your nose will immediately rise and look a little tighter. Although these strands dissolve, the results last for a long time because of collagen. The collagen fibers maintain and support your new shape of the nose. However, you can perform another maintenance operation after a while.

Advantages of the nasal thread lift

When choosing a nasal thread, you need to consult the most qualified and experienced doctors. If you choose Where can you get a nasal thread lift in Singapore? You need to visit a facility that will help you get the best results. These are the advantages of the procedure.

Minimal recovery time

One method of lifting the nasal suture is non-surgical. Since it is non-invasive, it will take your doctor a few minutes to perform the procedure. You can make an appointment for lunch and leave the clinic immediately.

Gives the desired result

Going to a legitimate institution like Cambridge Medical Group will give you the best results. That means you get better nasal definition, improvement in your nose contour, a smaller size or width of the nose, and a leaner bridge of the nose. Plus, you’ll get natural results as the bridge of your nose and tips lift, straighten, taller and more defined.

The FDA approves the process

The Food and Drug Administration approves the method because it improves your contour without surgery. They are not invasive nasal implants and fillers, which can cause excessive swelling or clumping. They also approve it because of the guaranteed security when using PDO threads.

Quality of the thread lifts

The PDO threads are safe and have long been used in medical procedures. Although the method itself is painless and safe, your doctor must use quality sutures for successful results. So if you’re wondering where to get a nasal thread lift in Singapore? It would be helpful if you could find a clinic that uses the Ultra-V PDO threads.

There are short, thin and thick threads. The thin threads can give poor results while the thick ones can leave a scar. Hence, a qualified medical professional will use the correct number of Ultra V PDO threads and technique to give you the perfect nose. You can visit a facility like Cambridge Medical Group for the best nasal lift results. This procedure is non-surgical and safe; Hence, there is no need to worry about wasting time on recovery.

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