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Advantages Of Weight Coaching For Ladies

Benefits of strength training for women

Benefits of strength training for women: Women tend to be skeptical about including strength training in their exercise routine. They often think that weight training, like men, could lead to muscle building. Hence, they mainly rely on cardio exercises like jogging, zumba, aerobics, etc. for physical fitness.

However, strength training is also important for women in order to feel good all round. We’re highlighting some of the key benefits of including weight training for you.

Strength gains

Weight training is an important type of exercise to gain strength in the body. It is equally important for women to gain the strength to improve their athletic performance or to perform activities of daily living efficiently. Women have very little testosterone hormone compared to their male counterparts, who are mainly responsible for building muscle. No matter how much you do strength training, you cannot build as much muscle that you are afraid of.

Posture correction after pregnancy

Post-pregnancy women not only face the problem of weight gain, but often develop chronic back pain as well. This is due to muscular imbalances that arise during pregnancy. Your pelvic bone is tilted downward from the front, which is called the anterior pelvic tilt. As the baby grows in the body, its center of gravity also shifts forward. This puts an excessive strain on the wood muscles and over time they weaken, leading to back pain. In this state, strength training helps them regain correct posture and regain the lost strength in the lower back muscles.

Dealing with hormonal imbalances

Hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism and PCOS are very common in young women these days. Under both conditions, insulin resistance is increased, which leads to weight gain due to increased blood sugar. Weight training plays a very important role in improving these conditions. Regular participation in strength training increases muscle mass in the body, which in turn helps improve the body’s insulin sensitivity.

Weight management

Strength training plays an important role in weight management. Weight loss ensures that you lose a majority of your weight to fat and less to muscle. Similarly, during weight gain, it ensures that you gain weight primarily through muscle mass. Hence, it is very important if you are aiming for either weight gain or weight loss. Most women are ignorant and only adopt the calorie deficit diet approach to weight loss, resulting in a significant decrease in muscle loss over time.


Therefore strength training has a very important place in the training routine for women too. They must include some form of strength training at least two to three days a week on non-consecutive days. It is not necessary that strength training can only be done in the gym. You can do it with your own body weight at home too. If you are unsure of which exercises to do, you can contact an online fitness trainer for a custom workout plan.


Manish Yadav is an ACE-certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. He is also the founder of MFG (My Fitness Goal), which provides online fitness training to people worldwide.

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Benefits of strength training for women

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