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6 Silhouettes of Plus Measurement Clothes That Give a Flattering Look

6 silhouettes of plus size dresses that add a flattering look

6 Silhouettes of Plus Size Dresses That Look Flattering: We know plus size fashion has come a long way. There are currently many ways for plus size women to celebrate their curves in the best possible way. One of the most important aspects of a dress is the silhouette. It defines the outline of your figure more clearly. Keep in mind that whether you go for a figure-hugging style or a flare-up style, silhouette can change or destroy your clothing.

For plus size ladies, it is even more important to pay attention to the silhouette, as the ultimate goal is to look flattering and confident. Here are the 6 most flattering plus size silhouette styles for you to try:

  1. Mermaid silhouette

    If you have a rectangular or banana-shaped figure with fewer curves, the mermaid silhouette can be flattering. It hugs the top of the body and elegantly flares up from the knees to form a train. This is a bodycon style that will make you look quite bold and sexy. In addition, this silhouette creates the illusion of curves and gives your figure an hourglass shape. This creates a balance between the top and bottom halves.

    Here are the trendy mermaids Plus size dresses shop.

  2. Bell silhouette

    Also known as the ball gown silhouette, it is a simple vintage style that fits to the waist and expands into a voluminous skirt with a dramatic train. This is a very popular choice among curvy women as it allows them to hide the drawbacks of the figure while highlighting the best features in the top half.

  3. Shell silhouette

    It is form-fitting from top to bottom without flaring. Aside from being flattering, this is also a nifty option and is perfect for formal office functions or fancy parties where you need to unleash your A-game without going over the top. It’s a style that defines the waist and waist and chest and hugs your body throughout.

  4. Straight pillar silhouette

    Better known as the tubular or rectangular silhouette, columnar dresses are perfect for curvy women with a thick waist and heavy hips. This style effortlessly hides the flaws and strives for a healthy balance. In this case, sheath dresses can be mentioned, which are considered ideal for plus size ladies. Remember, the pillar silhouette doesn’t light up either. It extends along your figure in a straight line that will undoubtedly give you a chic edge. Dresses with this silhouette are usually made of lightweight fabrics that drape well and can cover a wide girth without causing discomfort.

  5. Trumpet silhouette

    Trumpet silhouettes are almost similar to the mermaid style and appear less flickering. Unlike mermaid dresses, the trumpet’s flare starts in the middle of the thigh, which makes it a little more comfortable to move about freely. The silhouette is shaped like the bell of a trumpet and hence the name. It defines your curves more clearly, emphasizes the waist and gives you a flattering appeal.

  6. Peplum silhouette

    For plus size women, the peplum style is ultimate. It is especially recommended for women who have heavier buttocks as the peplum minimizes the heavy waist and belly to create an hourglass shape. Going with the pleated peplum makes it look even more flattering and chic.

Feeling confident enough to flaunt the curves in a unique way? You can mix and match the styles and improvise yourself. We hope this Plus Size Style Guide will help you find the right dress that fits your figure.

Have fun shopping!

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6 silhouettes of plus size dresses that add a flattering look

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