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6 Body weight Workouts to Get Large Sized Arms and a Larger Chest

Want to build a big chest and massive arms but don’t have access to a gym? No problem. Llarance Turner shows you how to do it at home.

Although some of these bodyweight exercises may seem difficult, this is still a great workout for building bigger chests as well as bigger arms.

The workout

Do 25 repetitions of each exercise

1. Wear pushups

To perform the bear push-up, assume a position that looks almost like a kneeling pose, except that your knees shouldn’t be touching the floor and you stand on your toes (see picture above).

Stay on your toes as big as possible throughout the movement. Essentially, you feel like you are going to tip over with each rep.

2. Plyo pushups

The plyo push-up is actually an explosive variant of the regular push-up. It’s so explosive, in fact, that your hands will leave the floor when you’re at the forefront of the movement. This type of push-up is great for building your chest, triceps, and front delts. At the same time, it is an amazing step in building strength and explosiveness in your upper body.

3. Wall triceps extensions

Place your elbows and palms against the wall and take a few steps back so your weight is supported on your forearms. Then straighten your elbows and slowly straighten your arms.

4. Plank ups with one arm

Start in a normal plank position. Put one of your hands in a push-up position with your hamstrings and glutes squeezed to keep your body and legs in a straight line. Push yourself up while bringing your other arm into a push-up position. From this position, slowly lower yourself into a plank position one arm at a time. (see picture above)

5. Chest touch pushups

Chest touch pushups are a great upper body strength movement that focuses on your arms and chest while strengthening your core. Start this exercise like a normal push-up. In a top push-up position (arms fully extended), lift one of your hands off the floor, touch your chest, and then return your hand to the floor. Do a full push-up and repeat with the other arm.

6. Diamond Push Ups

The diamond push-up is a more difficult variant of the classic push-up, where your hands are close together. When you have your arms fully extended you will form a diamond shape, hence the name of this exercise. Popular in the army, this exercise helps build chest and abs, as well as arm muscles.

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