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5 Bento Field Lunch Concepts for Adults with Recipes

When was the last time you made yourself a nice lunch for a day at work? If you’re like most people, lunch is a bit of a mess. That’s why we created 5 adult bento box lunch ideas to help you take a break in the middle of the day with a meal that is both enjoyable and satisfying.

We hear it a lot here at Marks Daily Apple: Breakfast is simple, and I make dinner for my family, so it’s automatic. But lunch? Most days I just give it wings. I’ll skip it sometimes just because my day is on, or I’ll eat something that’s quick – which isn’t always the best choice.

Sound familiar?

We hear you. Preparing a good meal in the middle of the day just doesn’t last for most people.

With these adult lunch options, preparing for lunch doesn’t have to be a chore. Perfect for on the go, these lunches include leftovers, basic ingredients and quick-to-cook items. Together they make the perfectly balanced primal lunch.

The best part? Most of these options can be made ahead of time and enjoyed throughout the week.

Simple Italian bento lunch


  • Sausage of choice
  • Mozzarella
  • Fried pumpkin
  • Italian dressing
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • basil

Fry and slice your favorite sausage with some avocado oil spray (optional) to prevent sticking. Cut the fried zucchini and summer squash (or your favorite vegetables) into slices, add to Italian dressing and roast on a sheet pan until golden brown. Compose your lunch with sliced ​​sausages, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, sliced ​​tomatoes, and garnish with fresh basil.

Simple burger lunch


For this lunch, whip up some burgers on the grill or stove (or better yet, use leftovers). Slice your favorite potato or sweet potato (or for a lower-carb option, you can use rutabagas or beets) and toss them in avocado oil. Fry them on a sheet pan at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, then turn them over and saute them until golden.

Make burgers by using the sweet potato slices as “buns” and top your burgers with sliced ​​tomatoes and red onions. Use your favorite Primal Kitchen condiments like Pesto Mayo, Dijon Mustard, and Spicy Ketchup to top with. Serve with your favorite vegetables.

LARGE Mason Jar Salads


  • Romaine lettuce
  • tomato
  • carrot
  • cucumber
  • Nuts or seeds of your choice
  • Chicken Breasts or Thighs
  • Dressing of your choice

No tiny salads here! Use a 32 ounce or one-half gallon mason jar and fill with your favorite salad items. To make this salad we marinated the chicken (you can use breast or thighs) in your favorite dressing for a few hours. Roast the chicken on a sheet pan at 375 degrees until the internal temperature reaches at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Mince or chop the chicken, then layer it in your mason jars. For very large glasses like this, we recommend pouring the salad into a large bowl before eating.

When you’re ready to eat, pour the dressing into the glass and shake it.

Deli Bento


Who needs a regular sandwich when you can make these fun Primal Deli bento boxes? Use your favorite sliced ​​meat (we like sliced ​​roasted turkey, of course), avocado and nori leaves to wrap them up. Avocado oil mayo and Dijon mustard are great condiments here. Serve alongside an original snack mix like walnuts and fresh blueberries.

Tuna salad lunch


Do you want a fun twist on tuna salad? Combine 1-2 cans of tuna with your favorite avocado oil mayonnaise (and maybe some mustard), some chopped celery, and scoop the tuna into a chopped pepper. Serve next to hard-boiled eggs and a handful of walnuts and dark chocolate.

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Priscilla is a food blogger, recipe developer, and personal chef based out of Missouri. He specializes in low-carb, paleo-free, gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, and low-FODMAP cuisine. See what she’s cooking on Priscilla Cooks and follow her food adventures on Instagram and Pinterest.

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